Friday, January 28, 2011


Ok, so 8 months have passed since I've blogged!  I'm ashamed and sorry, but I hope to be back in business! =)  Instead of playing catch-up, I will just feel you in on what's been happening within the last week!  FIRST of all, Miss Aspen is now NINE months old!  I can't believe it and with her being the 3rd child it is so much harder!

Last week I learned about a young woman in Childress that had nothing and by that I mean nothing!  Her daughter needed clothes that were a size smaller than what Autumn was wearing, so I thought, "Hey, I can help her out."  So I gathered up all of the clothes and took them to her, but that wasn't it!  In one week, Levi and I along with Levi's sister and husband and his parents managed to round up a whole bunch of stuff for her house.  Therefore, we have made 2 trips to her house and this weekend we will make a trip back with a trailer load of big items for her house.  We are still in need of bunkbeds for her kids room, (she has a boy and a girl) so if you run across one please let me know!

I love the fact that we are becoming friends~ even SWEETER than just helping with what we could.  We do ask that you pray for her and her children as they are starting off on a new path of their life!