Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Titus 2 Tuesday

For the past couple of weeks I have been following several fellow bloggers as they write their Titus 2 Tuesdays on women who have inspired them, and today I have decided to join in!

For my first Titus 2 Tuesday post, I want to dedicate this to my best friend, my Nanaw! My Nanaw encouraged, helped, & listened to me whenever I needed. We lived in Wellington until I was in 2nd grade and was right down the road from her. I remember being upset when we had to move, but not until a few weeks ago did I realize how sad I was when we left. A few weeks ago, my Dad gave my brother and I all of our little kids pictures that he had gotten from my Nanaw's collection of pictures. And in this mix of pictures I found letters that I had mailed her during the 1st year that we had moved. My question, "Why would she keep those all these years?" As I read through the letters, I thought to myself, "What a dork! I sounded so stupid!" But to her, I didn't sound stupid, I was a little kid who loved her and wrote letters to her just to let her know that!

Throughout high school, I became even closer to her. I called her at least once a week and saw her often. After graduation, I think I even talked to her more and saw her more. (I finally had my own cell phone & car! LOL) When I started attending MSU in WF, I was taking a summer class and had to be to class by 7AM!! (I know I was nuts) I would get up @ 4:30am and leave at 5:15am. Nanaw always got up by 6am and everyone knew that, so sometimes she would get a call @ 6 on the dot! :) I would tell her to just talk to me b/c I was getting sleepy. She never said no or complained about talking to me everyday, sometimes 2x a day! I told her about tests, projects, work, etc. and she never forgot them. If I told her I had a test in a week, she would ask me in a week how the test went. Most of all, she never forgot the tings I told her and she cared!!

When I had Montana, she stayed at the hospital ALL day & ran out of oxygen (they had to get some from the hospital) just to be able to see Miss Montana and she was the 1st person to hold her other the Levi & I. I will treasure that always!!! Nanaw started going down hill when Montana was about 9 months old and I found out that I was pregnant again. I had so many things going on during this time, but I'll never forget what she said when I told her I was pregnant. She said that I had my hands full already and that I was just adding to my plate. I got my feelings hurt at first, and have always thought she said that b/c she knew she wouldn't ever see my 2nd child. But as of today, I know that my Nanaw was RIGHT!!!!! I have my hands full!!!! LOL I told her before she went to heaven that if I had a little girl I was going to name her Autumn Joy. (Joy was for Joyce) She just smiled and said I hope you have a boy. Well, on Oct. 9, 2007 we had a baby girl and I decided to go ahead and name her Autumn Joyce instead of shortening it to Joy. I know that Montana will always have pics of Nanaw and her, but Autumn never will. I just keep telling myself that she will have memories that we share with her and she will carry on her name!

May 5, 2009 is the 2 yr anniversary of her passing and I still miss her dearly!! I have tears just writing this! I always just wish that she could see Autumn or have been here to meet Sheri (my brother's wife) and her kids, David & Caelyn. What great kids they are! There are so many things I wish, but I know she is seeing all of this from the gates of Heaven!!! Amen!!

As the years go by, I will make tons of memories with my kids, but I will never forget the memories that Nanaw made with me!!!! I love you Nanaw!!!

(Sorry this post was so long)

Friday, April 17, 2009

What's going on?

Blogger isn't letting me type above that pic- Frustrating!! Anyways that is Montana at their 1st egg hunt that Autumn didn't want her pic made at.

I think my title hits it right on the money- what has been going on? So much has happened within the last few weeks, I don't even think I can answer that question! LOL

This week has been tough for my family members! Both of the girls had the stomach bug that lasted about 36 hours, and Levi had the stomach bug, plus a major headache! He went to the dr and got a prescription b/c it was so bad. And did I mention that this started in our house on Sat. the 11th and ended Thurs. the 16th. In between this time, at least one person was sick everyday- except me!! I guess that is so I could take care of them! :) But, tomorrow morning we leave for Arnett, OK for my brother & sister-n-law's reception, and if I get sick during the weekend I will be so mad so PRAY for me!!

During Easter, the girls enjoyed 4 egg hunts (Autumn- just 3 b/c of her sickness) and Montana went to her 1st skating b-day party. Her best friend, Dylan, from daycare had her 4th B-day Party and Montana LOVED it!

Montana's birthday is in 6 days and she'll be 3!! I wonder everyday where has time gone? We seem to be running a race for the next couple of weeks, and it doesn't look llike we will get to the finish line until the 1st weekend of May!! We have a wedding reception, Montana's b-day and party, Addison's baptism, and our church meal night. Plus, working and getting a workout in everyday for the 21 day challenge at F3. I know I can do it!!

Hope you have a great weekend!!

..just a swinging!..

Having some fun!

being silly in the car

2nd egg hunt (when Autumn was sick)

"The 2 Musketeers"
Montana & Dylan

Easter Sunday Egg Hunt @ church

The Final Hunt

She was on the go, I didn't get 1 pic of her face while she was hunting!!

All of the kids and big kid helpers!
(Look at Autumn's face!LOL)

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Just a quick note to say I finally lost another lb. I am only up to 4 lbs. I know, but I have been stuck for about 3 weeks. I wanted to jump for joy in the gym yesterday when I read the scales!

On another note, the girls have the daycare Easter egg hunt today. I won't be able to attend, but Montana and I packed over 5 dozen eggs full of candy last night! They will have fun! Levi finished painting the girls bathroom last night, so we'll lay the laminate flooring tomorrow. My Mom is coming in and she is going to take the girls for a few hours so we can get it done. I forgot to take a before pic, but the after will be awesome (especially if you have seen it)!!

Happy Thursday to everyone!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Perfect Night

Tonight was the perfect night to be outside, and we took full advantage of it! Levi sprayed the weeds around the house while we played in the front yard on the cross ties. Autumn got pretty brave about walking on them and balancing herself!

I did my last day of observations at Quanah on Tuesday- Yeah!! I just have to get everything together and get it all sent into Region 4, and sign up for my TeXes Exam.

Here is a photo I edited in picnik. I love it!!! Hope everyone is having a great week!!

my FAV

the original which I love also

having some fun

Levi and the dogs
Kacy & Sadie (our puppy)

Saying cheese

Acting like she was at the circus again!!
(Kinda Blurry)

her favorite toy outside

I'm sorry I disturbed you!!