Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Perfect Night

Tonight was the perfect night to be outside, and we took full advantage of it! Levi sprayed the weeds around the house while we played in the front yard on the cross ties. Autumn got pretty brave about walking on them and balancing herself!

I did my last day of observations at Quanah on Tuesday- Yeah!! I just have to get everything together and get it all sent into Region 4, and sign up for my TeXes Exam.

Here is a photo I edited in picnik. I love it!!! Hope everyone is having a great week!!

my FAV

the original which I love also

having some fun

Levi and the dogs
Kacy & Sadie (our puppy)

Saying cheese

Acting like she was at the circus again!!
(Kinda Blurry)

her favorite toy outside

I'm sorry I disturbed you!!


Belinda said...

Ohhhh How sweet. The pics are so good. Glad you had fun with them.

Lacey said...


Heather said...

Such sweet girls! Looks like it truly was the perfect evening.

Anonymous said...

Jackie you are doing a Great Job on all your endeavors. That horse is getting closer to the knot every day. Cool Picture of Levi and the dogs. Is that a backpack he is carrying?
Ok, upon closer inspection it is his sprayer. As always the girls are just growing up way
Too fast, they sure are cute. Keep up the great Blog and thanks.

Kary said...

OMG....7 years. It doesn't seem like it has been that long ago you guys got married. But I'm sure having kids makes the time fly!!