Monday, January 26, 2009

Brrrr....It's Freezing!!

It is so cold outside!! We aren't used to this in our part of the world! Today, I got off around 1:30pm due to freezing rain. My boss didn't want me out on the road with both the girls if it got worse, so the girls and I hung out at home watching TV with Montana and reading book after book with Autumn. We cooked homeade chili tonight, and enjoyed a fire! The girls were exhausted after their baths and were both asleep in less then 10 minutes. Autumn ran fever all day Sunday, she is better now just a lot of drainage. She went to daycare today and did ok, but tonight she can't stay still because she can't breathe. Poor girl!!

And when Levi got off work, we got to go with him to break ice and check animals. That rarely happens with me being in Childress because I am never home until @ least 6pm in which it is already dark. The girls really enjoyed it!! Here are some pictures I took tonight as we did chores at the house. I hope everyone has a great week!! :)

Our calves that we have raised from a bottle

I just love this pic

These 2 pics were taken about 2 weeks ago
Montana looks SO big in this one!

Monday, January 19, 2009

"In Review"

2008 is gone, but we have many, many memories to hold on to!

January~ we attended Playhouse Disney in WF, it was great and Montana LOVED it! Autumn was only 3 months old, so she slept most of the time. Levi turned 28!

February~ nothing exciting happened except Valentine's; Montana loved the candy and we ate supper together.

March~ Easter! Montana hunted eggs at least 4 times, and started to get the hang of it.

April~ Montana turned 2 with My Friends Tigger and Pooh!

May~ May 5th was the 1 yr. passing of my "best friend", my Nanaw. My cousin, Rhae, graduated from 8th grade!

June~ Our 6 year Anniversary!! Where has time gone?

July~ the girls rode on the daycare float in the Childress parade and loved every minute of it!!

August~ I turned 24!

September~ went to Chuckie Cheese for the 1st time for Harper and Hutton's B-day! Montana was TERRIFIED of Chuckie Cheese.

October~ Autumn turned1! Montana was a "good" witch and Autumn was a fairy for Halloween!

November~ My brother, Todd, and Sheri got married!

December~ Cheyenne and Shawn had their 1st baby~ Addison Faith, Dec. 13th who is so precious! Autumn FINALLY started walking New Year's Eve! :)

2008 was a FUN year! We watched Autumn grow from a 3 month old to walking and acting so silly! Montana started carrying on conservations with us and wanted to be a mother hen to Autumn. Literally, we watched our kids "Sprout!" I know that right now they change everyday and we love and enjoy it!

In 2009 I want to...

* Develop my relationship with Jesus by praying and reading my bible. It's not good enough to just "know" him.

* Be a better Mom and wife.

* Do more stuff with my girls and not worry about the things that I need to get done. Life is to precious to worry about the small stuff!

* Try to not STRESS!! It makes me feel awful and I don't sleep very well.

* Become Healthy again! Autumn is 15 months old~ no excuse anymore! Being healthy so that I can be just as active as the girls is very important to me. I LOVE playing outside with them in the summer. Loosing weight and getting in shape would allow me to not be out of breath so fast.

Happy Monday!! :)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hello 2009!

Holy Cow~ it has been almost a month since a blog! What is wrong with me? Well, I have made excuses over and over again (they have been legitimate) but this time- NO excuses, just some catching up!!! We have been extremely busy through the holidays, but we loved every minute with everyone! Then last weekend a great friend of mine, Lacey, got married. Montana and I were both in the wedding.

My teacher certification classes ended Jan. 2nd (can I hear a HALLELUJAH!) Now, I have to get in my 5 days of observations this spring, and pass the TeXes Exam. Surely if I can endure 16 weeks of an online course, I can manage this! Sometimes I feel overwhelmed, but I just have to sit back and take a deep breath and know that GOD is in control, not me!

For Christmas the girls got a new registered chocolate and white border collie. Her new name is "Sadie," and both girls love her. She has turned into rollie pollie. I will have to take some pictures of her! Levi and I didn't exchange gifts, we were saving for new wood blinds in the living room, dining room, and kitchen~ and tomorrow night we are going to look for them!!! :)

At work, we have been building new offices (which be be so cool when they are done) so it has been pretty hectic along with the new year. We also got new computers and will be installing a new software program. Everything all at once!!

I will leave you with some pictures I took of the girls in the past few days and the pictures I had on my camera from the wedding. I have lots of Christmas pictures to post including pictures from my Mom's house and Todd and Sheri and their kids! Until then, enjoy the overloaded post!!

Thursday Morning before school &
Not to happy with me taking a picture
(they got these vests for Christmas!)

A mess and a half!!

Grandad and the girls

Can we say priss?

I never thought she looked like Montana until I took this picture, I now have changed my mind!!

Silly girls in the bean bags

Lacey & Zack's Wedding
January 10, 2009

Jana & I

Montana, Hannah, & Hallie

Montana & Jana

Being prissy again!

Me and my sweet flower girl!

Don't ask why the look?

Lacey and I
(she was in my wedding 6 1/2 yrs ago and only a sophomore in high school!)
Where has time gone, Lace??

Montana really not wanting her picture made

This is the sweetest picture ever~ I'm gonna have to frame this!