Monday, January 26, 2009

Brrrr....It's Freezing!!

It is so cold outside!! We aren't used to this in our part of the world! Today, I got off around 1:30pm due to freezing rain. My boss didn't want me out on the road with both the girls if it got worse, so the girls and I hung out at home watching TV with Montana and reading book after book with Autumn. We cooked homeade chili tonight, and enjoyed a fire! The girls were exhausted after their baths and were both asleep in less then 10 minutes. Autumn ran fever all day Sunday, she is better now just a lot of drainage. She went to daycare today and did ok, but tonight she can't stay still because she can't breathe. Poor girl!!

And when Levi got off work, we got to go with him to break ice and check animals. That rarely happens with me being in Childress because I am never home until @ least 6pm in which it is already dark. The girls really enjoyed it!! Here are some pictures I took tonight as we did chores at the house. I hope everyone has a great week!! :)

Our calves that we have raised from a bottle

I just love this pic

These 2 pics were taken about 2 weeks ago
Montana looks SO big in this one!


Sheri said...

my sassypants does look all grown up! miss ya'll tons. love ya'll too

Whitney said...

I agree... the second one is harder when it comes to growing up. With Morgan, I always looked forward to the next milestone, but with Kennedy I know what is coming and I want her to stay a baby.

Your girls are precious!