Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It's about time!

Well, these past few weeks a lot has been happening and pictures have just been storing on my camera, so today I will finally post them. Please ignore the fact that it is 3:30 in the morning. I woke up for my nightly bathroom trip, and decided I was blogging! By the time I get the girls to sleep, I am out, so this seems to be the only time I have.

I haven't reported to the blogging world about me joining the gym so now I will. I joined F3 in Childress at the end of January and go there every afternoon after work (I have missed a couple). It makes me feel better about myself, and I feel like clothes are not so "snug" anymore! I love it! I have not measured yet, but I need to so that I can see what I loose in inches. Mainly because I have went from not excersing at all to doing weights, cardio, & abs 5x a week! I will keep you updated~ my goal is 20 lbs by May 1st~ and I have done great so far!

The girls are growing so quickly! Autumn has hit the funnies stage ever!! She literally RUNS everywhere she goes, and now the fight is on with Montana. Autumn is a pretty good trooper about letting Montana hug and drag her around, but every now and then Autumn gets the best of her. And it is the hardest thing to not laugh!!

I am giving a shout-out to BREEANN, my niece. I found out just the other day that she knows about my blog, and I just want to say I love ya girl!!! Please leave a comment~ I would love to here from you!! Montana and Autumn miss you so much!

I leave you with a ton of pictures that my camera has been storing, and I hope you all have a wonderful hump day!

kinda cheesy

This is Montana's santa present, but Autumn puts it around her neck, turns it on & runs around the house~ so funny!


Addison & Montana

Montana, Cheyenne & Addison
(the 2 yr old mother hen!)


petting Hayden's rabbit @ the stock show


On a Saturday morning~ I love staying @ home with them & never getting out of our pajamas!

Bathtime buddies!

Water rat

posing in the tub

She doesn't look like a baby in this one at all! :(

Saturday morning pajama day

Autumn & I cheesing

My girls

SO grown up!

A mess!

As for now that it is 4am, I am back to bed for a couple more hours of sleep! But hey, at least I finally got a blog out there for you!


Belina said...

Oh How I miss my girls.Good Pics.You keep me going to the gym girl , just knowing you want me to help you keeps me ready to go.

Sheri said...

It hasn't been much more than a month since I've seen the girls, where did all that hair come from on Autumn, she doesn't look like the little baby anymore, she is getting so big. Miss Sassypants is getting all grown up too...Miss ya'll love ya hope to see you soon!

Heather said...

The girls are as cute as ever and are getting so big! Thanks for sharing all the cute pictures. I wish we had a gym to go to ~ I'm so proud of you guys for going every day!