Monday, October 20, 2008

Happy Fall Ya'll!

Amy requested for us to post our fall decorations!! Well, over a week later- here they are!

Our outside decorations
Front Door

I don't get to leave the jack-o-lantern there all the time b/c of Autumn's sticky little fingers!
But I put it in it's place for this pic! :)

Our Hutch (something I have that was my Nanaw's)

My pretty little candle "thing" on the table

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Autumn's 1st Birthday Party!!

Well, I am late posting on Autumn's party but that is nothing new!! LOL Autumn turned 1 Oct. 9th and we had her party this past Saturday. It was great, just missed a few of our family and friends who couldn't be there. Autumn soaked it all in and loved to get to dig in the cake!! I thought she would have a sugar rush and be wired all night, but when everyone left she was out!!! I only managed to get a few pictures during the party mainly of her eating the cake, dang what a bad Mom I am!! Montana LOVED singing Happy Birthday to her and actually did fairly well with the party being all about Sissy.

These past few days I have been drained!! I guess from the party, but also everything else. I have been trying to juggle work, kids and home, school, Scentsy, and Mary Kay almost everyday! That explains why I have been up till midnight or later laying clothes out for the next day and packing bags- especially since Montana has decided to just pee in her pants! (frustrated sigh!) She goes some, but if she is playing and you ask her she throws a fit and then 5 minutes later pees all over herself. Yesterday, she had 4 accidents at daycare!! (Poor Marci and her employees) We are ALL hoping she will snap out of this soon. She has kind of gotten out of her rebellious stage. She still acts up some, but doesn't just push you until you can't take it anymore.

I leave you with the few pictures I managed to snap at the party!

Cake was made by Melissa @ High Maintenance and it was yummy!!

Autumn's little cake that she destroyed!

Getting ready to dig in!

Having Fun


My FAV- her destroyed cake!!

Marci and Autumn reading a book!

Montana eating cake and ice cream!
She looks mad, but she wasn't- just had her mouth full!!
I am making a "Scentsy" order within the next 2 days!! If you need anything, please holler @ me- Thanks!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

"You Darn Right I did!"

Montana's new favorite saying- "You Darn Right I did!" Levi told her to say that a couple of nights ago, and she thinks it is so funny. Hearing it in person is hilarious because of her facial expressions- it is just so cute!!!!! :) And she is starting to get to where she can carry on a conversation with you instead of just sentences, and that's scary! :) I can't believe that she is old enough to be doing that!!

We have been up to the same ole things- work, home, sleep!! LOL That sums it up good enough! Until next time, Happy Hump Day!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Top 5 "Woods' Family" Movies

Not in a particular order, and please note that we have a 2 1/2 yr old and and 1 yr old so hello DISNEY movies!!

1. Sweet Home Alabama (Levi loves this)

2. Open Season

3. The Little Mermaid II (referred to as "The Mermaid's Daughter" by Montana)

4. Remember the Titans

5. Any Barbie movies especially "The Island Princess"

I had to stop at 5 because I can't think of anymore, we just don't watch that much TV!! :)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Just a Random Update!!

We have been quite busy this week with just odds and ends!!! Ashley and I started walking last week at 5:30 am and are up to 2.2 miles. Although, every other week her husband's work schedule changes and this week we had to walk at night. We have only been able to walk one night- bummer!! She has 3 kids- 1 in school, and I have 2. It is so hard trying to get everything done in one night!! I am ready for 5:30 Monday- it seems to make me feel better throughout the day.

Autumn turns "1" in exactly 1 week, it makes me tear up just thinking about it!! Montana is excited for the party so she can have birthday cake!! :)

My classes are going good, just having to learn to juggle it in between everything else I have to get done. And actually, I'm posting because I just turned in an assisgnment that was due by 11:59pm and Yeah I beat the deadline!! HAHA

Last weekend we got laminate hardwood flooring and paint for the girls bathroom. I wanted to have it done for Autumn's party on the 11th, but with 2 kids I think we are going to wait to even start it until after the party to where we aren't rushed at the end.

Here are some random pictures- some are from 3 weeks ago!!

My sweet girls playing in the kitchen while I'm cooking!

Saying Cheese!! And look how LONG Montana's hair was!!

Me and Joycelyn (Levi's sister) at the Fall Fest in Quanah
*Note* This was taken at 5 pm; we had been there since 7 am! (We were tired!)

Joycelyn's cross display

Kyle's (Levi's cousin) lamp display

And yes I know I got NOT ONE picture of my "Scentsy" display!! Maybe next time!! :)

Have a great weekend!!