Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Autumn's 1st Birthday Party!!

Well, I am late posting on Autumn's party but that is nothing new!! LOL Autumn turned 1 Oct. 9th and we had her party this past Saturday. It was great, just missed a few of our family and friends who couldn't be there. Autumn soaked it all in and loved to get to dig in the cake!! I thought she would have a sugar rush and be wired all night, but when everyone left she was out!!! I only managed to get a few pictures during the party mainly of her eating the cake, dang what a bad Mom I am!! Montana LOVED singing Happy Birthday to her and actually did fairly well with the party being all about Sissy.

These past few days I have been drained!! I guess from the party, but also everything else. I have been trying to juggle work, kids and home, school, Scentsy, and Mary Kay almost everyday! That explains why I have been up till midnight or later laying clothes out for the next day and packing bags- especially since Montana has decided to just pee in her pants! (frustrated sigh!) She goes some, but if she is playing and you ask her she throws a fit and then 5 minutes later pees all over herself. Yesterday, she had 4 accidents at daycare!! (Poor Marci and her employees) We are ALL hoping she will snap out of this soon. She has kind of gotten out of her rebellious stage. She still acts up some, but doesn't just push you until you can't take it anymore.

I leave you with the few pictures I managed to snap at the party!

Cake was made by Melissa @ High Maintenance and it was yummy!!

Autumn's little cake that she destroyed!

Getting ready to dig in!

Having Fun


My FAV- her destroyed cake!!

Marci and Autumn reading a book!

Montana eating cake and ice cream!
She looks mad, but she wasn't- just had her mouth full!!
I am making a "Scentsy" order within the next 2 days!! If you need anything, please holler @ me- cowgirl@srcaccess.net. Thanks!!


Amy said...

Sorry we missed the party! I just realized when I clicked on the post that I forgot to call you!! Jason worked all day and night on Sat. I hate that we missed the big event!

The pics are adorable. Love that bday cake! I remeber giving Case a bath in the church sink(we had it at the fellowship hall) because he had placed the whole little cake we did for him ON HIS HEAD!! We laughed so hard that day because we were guessin that in all the years that building had stood CASE would be the one to have a bath in the sink on his first birthday to get blue icing out of his white hair!!

Take it all in...cherish every second of their babyhood. It doesn't last very long!!:(

Sheri said...

I hate that we missed the party looks like Autumn had a blast, the pics are adorable. Hope all is going well...

Carl said...

Sure enjoyed our lunch visit today. Always nice seeing you and hearing about the Girls. Sure looks like a great party. At least we actually came to one party, even if it was a long time ago. Great Blog very interesting, I can see it takes a lot of time to do all you work on. I see now why I don't have a nice web site, because you are too busy. LOL! Hope to see you again soon. Carl

Heather said...

We enjoyed the birthday party! It was so much fun to watch Autumn at her party. Levi's hamburgers are always awesome, and that cake was adorable!