Thursday, October 2, 2008

Just a Random Update!!

We have been quite busy this week with just odds and ends!!! Ashley and I started walking last week at 5:30 am and are up to 2.2 miles. Although, every other week her husband's work schedule changes and this week we had to walk at night. We have only been able to walk one night- bummer!! She has 3 kids- 1 in school, and I have 2. It is so hard trying to get everything done in one night!! I am ready for 5:30 Monday- it seems to make me feel better throughout the day.

Autumn turns "1" in exactly 1 week, it makes me tear up just thinking about it!! Montana is excited for the party so she can have birthday cake!! :)

My classes are going good, just having to learn to juggle it in between everything else I have to get done. And actually, I'm posting because I just turned in an assisgnment that was due by 11:59pm and Yeah I beat the deadline!! HAHA

Last weekend we got laminate hardwood flooring and paint for the girls bathroom. I wanted to have it done for Autumn's party on the 11th, but with 2 kids I think we are going to wait to even start it until after the party to where we aren't rushed at the end.

Here are some random pictures- some are from 3 weeks ago!!

My sweet girls playing in the kitchen while I'm cooking!

Saying Cheese!! And look how LONG Montana's hair was!!

Me and Joycelyn (Levi's sister) at the Fall Fest in Quanah
*Note* This was taken at 5 pm; we had been there since 7 am! (We were tired!)

Joycelyn's cross display

Kyle's (Levi's cousin) lamp display

And yes I know I got NOT ONE picture of my "Scentsy" display!! Maybe next time!! :)

Have a great weekend!!

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