Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Lots going on!

Well, we survived everything that we had going on last weekend. Cheyenne's baby, Addison, was born on Saturday. We went to WF Sunday to see her and Montana was a "mother hen!" She is so precious! When we got to the Fantasy of Lights my camera battery died! I wasn't very happy. We were going to walk through it, but it went fom being 80 that afternoon to low 40's when we were at the Fantasy of Lights right after dark. By the time we got back to Quanah, it was only like 24. Crazy how the temperature can drop that quick!

Our Christmas party was a lot of fun! I was stressed that day about everything, but it turned out good just like it always does! This Sunday we are having a party at work so I will be taking pictures for that. I love this time of year because you just get to hang out with family and friends!! Other than that, I have just being trying to stay up with school work! (during this time it is so hard) I don't have much else to say except have a great week!!

Addison Faith
12/13/08 ~ 8.8 lbs.
Proud Parents~ Shawn & Cheyenne Patnode

She is so precious!

Levi and Addison

She always has her mouth open! :)

Nick & Julie

Mr. Dixon

Chinese Gift Exchange
And Montana got walkie talkies!!

This is where they stood most of the night

Dixon and Brice seeing what they got

Dixon & Autumn
I love this picture!!!!

Kyle & Belinda

Megan & Autumn

Brady & his helicopter

Scared to death!
And Montana wouldn't even attempt to get this close!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Ok, so today I am a little confused. Here recently, I have confessed to 2 or 3 fellow bloggers about being a lurker. It has made me feel better and they also know that I read their blogs. The blogs that I become addicted to always have kiddos around my kids age, and it is so fun to read them because their stories are a lot like mine. And so they won't think I'm a complete stalker, I try to tell them who I am and what led me to their blog. Well, today I ran across something that hit be wrong, and now I'm wondering if I should have. And to the bloggers that I have de-lurked on, I LOVE your blogs and look forward to reading them, and seeing pictures!! As to anyone who is a lurker on my blog, please reveal yourself. I would love to know who you are and how you got to my blog!!!! So, off of my pity party~

Our Christmas party is this weekend, one of my best friends, Cheyenne, is having her 1st baby (a little girl) on Saturday, and we are going to see the Fantasy of Lights! I will try to remember my camera in all places~ that way if I survive everything we have planned, I can post it!! :)

Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

I'm Back!!!

In the "camo" pjs

Well, blogger won't let me type above that picture, but o well. I'm not going to let that get me frustrated!! We have been extremely busy lately, same as everyone else. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and now are shopping full speed ahead!! I can't believe it is Christmas time again!! I love this time of year and I can't wait to see the girls faces on Christmas morning! Montana has more understanding of Santa this year, so she will be so thrilled!! Autumn will be 14 months on the 9th. She walks holding onto stuff and stands in the middle of the floor trying to get her balance. She is still in No rush to take off walking! It is so different knowing that Montana was walking full speed ahead by now, but I know that she is another person!

My school work (to be a teacher) has been occupying my time in the past few weeks, that is where I have been hiding!! The class is over Jan. 2~ only a month to go. And I thought 3 1/2 years ago when I graduated with a Finance degree that I was done! Guess not!! Work has been extremely busy~ just that time of year in a retail store!! I am having a "Scentsy" booth at the Christmas thing in Quanah on Saturday. If you need a gift go to to see all the warmers available!

We are having a Christmas party at our house on the 13th, so I am trying to get the house ready for that! I will leave you with some pictures from Thanksgiving, our church "girls night" party, and some of our Christmas decorations! Blogger mixed them all up, SORRY!!!

New Years 2008
Autumn- 4 months / Montana- 22 months
Gosh, they have GROWN up!!!

About 2-3 months ago (before I cut Montana's hair)
She looks so much older now!!

Our Christmas tree
Still needs a Perfect Silver Bow tied for the top

"Girls Night"
We celebrated Heather's 40th Birthday!

My AWESOME new table!!
It is counter height and I got 2 extra chairs for the bar, so I really have 8 chairs!
(See Montana in the corner! LOL)

Miss Kenady at Thanksgiving!
She is 1 month younger than Autumn, and they love each other!!

Dylan, Kenady, Montana, & Autumn @ Thanksgiving
Montana tried to be Kenady's new Mom for the day! :)

Our stockings and Frosty the Snowman
(if you clap, he sings for you and the girls love it)

This is how I found them when I got home from girls night!!

This baby girl LOVES the recliner!!
And I just love the "Valley girl" hair!!

Girls Night Pictures

Me and Cheryl acting goofy
I am quite a bit taller than her, so for once I made her feel tall! :)

Me and Amy
* So glad to see you and talk!!*

Heather, Me, and Belinda

Have a Blessed Weekend!!!