Thursday, July 31, 2008

What a Week......!

Well, its been a week since I've been on here, but I'm back. Last Friday, Levi's cousin and his family gave to visit and the kids jumped on the trampoline. It was a lot of fun and Montana LOVED it!! Then on Sunday Our church ladies had a "Recipe Swap Party" and it was so much fun! I made Country Style Hoisin Ribs that Levi loves, and they seemed to be a hit there as well! As for the rest of this week, my time has been occupied with 2 little girls. My brother, Todd and his girlfriend, Sheri are coming this weekend so I have been trying to pick our house up for a week. The Quanah rodeo and parade and other activities are happening this weekend so I will update you when it is all over. As for now here are some pictures!

Happy Friday!!

Heather, Belinda, and Myself
Blogging Buddies minus Amy and Sheri (you can join us!!)

Our Lovely Hostesses- Belinda and Pam W.


Enjoying all the food!

Hutton, Harper, Montana, and Heather

Ashley and Autumn

Heather and Harper

Hutton (Him and Montana will be in the same grade)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Wonderful Thursday!!

Today was a great day!! Amy and I had lunch at El Sombero which was a treat. I usually just eat at work and don't go anywhere. Thank you Amy for going to lunch with me; and I had no idea we had so much catching up to do!

We were outside a lot of the night- Montana lives on the trampoline when it cools off later at night! I seem to never get anything accomplished in the house. As of this minute I have 1/2 of my bathroom clean; my goal is to have it ALL done before I go to bed. But seeing it is 11:30 who knows it that will really happen. :)

I leave you with some pictures of everyone!

Shirt- check
Diaper- check
Rain Boots- check
Now, we are STYLING!!!
And we even add the "hands on the head look"

She loves playing on the back porch!

Playing in the mud is SO much fun!!

Autumn and Grandad

I love this sweet face!!

Loving every minute of her trampoline!

Levi and my Dad doctoring our new calf "Wild Thing"

Sitting on a old tractor seat!

Grandad, Montana, and Campy- Montana LOVES to feed her EVERY night!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Well, I am planning catch up on some photos, but this is a lot of fun!! I just have to make time late at night! :) Montana helped Levi outside tonight and Autumn and I enjoyed relaxing inside. We cooked a roast and veggies in the slow cooker last night and it was SO good, and I didn't have to cook anything! (that is a plus!) Tomorrow night is mine and Belinda's church meal night so come see what GOOD stuff we are going to have.

Jill Dugan gave Montana some Tigger and Pooh flash cards the other day and we have went through those 100 times tonight, but she is remembering what the harder ones are everytime we go through them. So thank you Jill!! I guess I need to look for some more stuff like that. Dang, she is growing up way too fast!! :(

Montana so faking a smile, but still cute!

Autumn playing on the swing set

She loves her Leap Frog radio! (and letters and numbers and the farm animals)

My girls swimming, and one of 'em loves to swim in the nude!! Cutting up squash last week, and Levi looks kind of dangerous in this pic, but no one was injured! LOL

Aunt Joshie and the girls! She came by for a bit tonight! And the baby doll's butt just added to this pic! LOL Joycelyn- you will always remember this picture when you see this butt flashing at you!

My girls!

I love this picture SO MUCH!! She is wanting in Montana's blue lawn chair.

...And she made it, and happy as a lark!

She loves to sit on that console and ride with her Daddy!

Monday, July 21, 2008

A Hectic Weekend!!

Well, our weekend started out crazy and ended crazy as well!! :) On Friday we took the girls back to the allergy dr in Lubbock for a check-up and Levi went for his initial visit!! He wouldn't go for forever, but I finally convinced him and he is allergic to about 5 different kinds of weeds and red cedar trees. Needless to say, now all my family is taking medication for allergies, which can add up in $$$ really fast! But after the dr we had a good time doing some shopping and we got a new trampoline, ours was destroyed after the storm!

On Saturday we came to Childress for the parade and rode on the Kid Smiles Daycare float, and Montana thought she was so COOL! She waved at everyone and threw candy!! Autumn had a ball too just watching everything that was going on!

We had plans to go to a birthday party after church on Sunday, but Autumn had been fussy off and on all weekend (I think we have more teeth coming), so I decided to stay home! As long as I kept Motrin down her she was ok, but if it wore out she was pretty cranky! Our youth served us lunch at church Sunday and it was great- Thank you to all of you and to Haley for being a great server!! And Matthew- for just being a clown! LOL

I will leave you with some photos now of throughout last week! I hope your Monday was great!!

Autumn loves the swimming pool!!!

Montana better watch out- she'll be dangerous in a few years!!

My sweet girls ready for bed!

Mommy and the girls while I was on vacation!!

Daddy and the girls while on vacation!

Montana & Mommy at the parade

Larin (she works @Kid Smiles) and Autumn at the parade & Autumn LOVES her! :)

Montana shelling peas!

My precious Autumn- almost every picture I have, I have already taken her bow out!! Oh well!

Levi! I'm sure he will love me for this one! :)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

2 pictures!!!

Well I finally got these resized and was able to post them!

My Dad (Grandad) and Montana cutting up all our squash!

The reason I couldn't post any pictures is b/c I needed to resize them, and I am finally figuring all this out. Enjoy the 2 pictures! LOL
Oh my Gosh- I finally made my first post!!
Well tonight was a busy night- consisting of mowing and cutting up squash! Montana had a ball in all the fun! I tried to post pictures of us in action, but I kept getting an error message saying, Could not connect with, to retry again. Please help, how do I allow these pictures to be posted??