Thursday, July 31, 2008

What a Week......!

Well, its been a week since I've been on here, but I'm back. Last Friday, Levi's cousin and his family gave to visit and the kids jumped on the trampoline. It was a lot of fun and Montana LOVED it!! Then on Sunday Our church ladies had a "Recipe Swap Party" and it was so much fun! I made Country Style Hoisin Ribs that Levi loves, and they seemed to be a hit there as well! As for the rest of this week, my time has been occupied with 2 little girls. My brother, Todd and his girlfriend, Sheri are coming this weekend so I have been trying to pick our house up for a week. The Quanah rodeo and parade and other activities are happening this weekend so I will update you when it is all over. As for now here are some pictures!

Happy Friday!!

Heather, Belinda, and Myself
Blogging Buddies minus Amy and Sheri (you can join us!!)

Our Lovely Hostesses- Belinda and Pam W.


Enjoying all the food!

Hutton, Harper, Montana, and Heather

Ashley and Autumn

Heather and Harper

Hutton (Him and Montana will be in the same grade)


Sheri said...

looks like ya'll had a blast and busy week. going to get my haircut today, will send ya a ya tomorrow...WOO HOO. I told Todd about shopping Sat. he said he didn't care as long as i was back by time the turkey crap started

Anonymous said...

Well welcome back to blog land.I hope you have had a good week. The pics. are cute as usual. Talk to you soon.