Tuesday, August 5, 2008

...Clowns, Parade, Rodeo, Horses, What Else?...

What a crazy time we have had over the weekend!! To start it off on Thursday night the girls were in a clown contest. On Friday was the parade, BBQ, and rodeo. My brother Todd and Sheri came in for that day, and then on Saturday Sheri and I and the girls went to Childress to shop at Owens. By the time I got to Wal-Mart the girls had me stressed!!!! They were both tired and 2 of them just makes it seem twice as bad. Sheri says it wasn't as bad as I thought it was, but once again sorry Sheri for having to deal with that. At the rodeo Montana did the calf scramble Friday, but then chickened out on Saturday. Hutton rode a sheep Friday and so Montana wanted to, but guess what, she CHICKENED out on Saturday!! Big Surprise!! :)

On Sunday we went to ride the horses, first time since Autumn has been born. Montana loved it when she was Autumn's age, but guess what- she was scared!! Big Surprise!! We made her do it and she liked it after we rode for awhile. When I was a little kid I was the exact same way, so I am just paying for me. My Dad says, "She sounds just like her Mommy!" And the last night we went and visited MeeMaw and PeePaw. Autumn slept almost the whole time we were there and Montana ate a cookie and drank milk!! (She HAS to have that everytime we go to MeeMaw's)

Belinda- I blogged before a week-YEAH!! And Amy- tell Case he can join us to ride horses anytime!!

And I leave you with a ton of CUTE pictures!!

Autumn and Montana- My cute clowns!!!

One of my favs of Autumn

Daddy and the clown during her "Stick Horse Performance"

Miss Snaggle Tooth

My sweet girls off to school (daycare) on Friday morning

The calf scramble (Montana is latched on to Levi on the right hand side of this pic)

Uncle Todd, Autumn, and Sheri
Montana was busy talking to be in the picture!

Autumn and Sheri

Happy girl on the horse

Unhappy girl on the horse

Miss Harper Elizabeth at the rodeo

Lauren and Autumn at the rodeo

Ashley and Montana (rodeo)

Mee-Maw and 2 of her great-grandkids

Levi and "Ace"
This was after he was gielded last night; needless to say he is pretty sore!!

Autumn LOVES riding horses!

Miss Chicken throwing a FIT!

The Woods Clan riding horses!!


Bea said...

Cute pics. Thanks for blogging. LOL Amy & I are off to do a little shopping so I will talk to you later. You keep Gerry in line.

Sheri said...

Looks like ya'll had fun riding. We had fun with ya'll last weekend. I want those pics of me and Autmn and Todd I have no good pics of me and todd. I'm off to clean before work (blah!!!) I will talk to ya later...

Anonymous said...

Love all of the pictures they are so cute and growing so much. The clown pictures are always my favorite. Levi told me about your blog it is really cute. I will check it from time to time.

Love Aunt Christie