Monday, August 25, 2008

13 Things!

I am copying this from everyone's blog, but it is kinda fun!!

13 Random Things on my mind....

1. I'm ready to go pick up Montana and Autumn...

2. I'm ready for Levi and I to go to Lubbock tomorrow afternoon with no kids!

3. Need to sweep & mop my floors

4. My laundry is always staring at me, no matter how many times I walk by it

5. I need some "extra" sleep this week!

6. I hope the afternoon goes quick...

7. Our yard needs mowed tonight, not fun at all!

8. Ready to see Autumn's "quirky, but so sweet" smile!

9. ...ready to hear Montana's "wise" comment that she will come up with today!

10. need to make my Scentsy order

11. and a Mary Kay order

12. But I really need internet service!!

13. I just pray for a Great Day!!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Great!!!! your back. have a safe trip to Lubbock. talk to you soon, kiss montana for me.