Monday, September 29, 2008

"Official Mouse Catcher!!"

Well, I bet the title of this post got your attention!! LOL This is such a FUNNY story, but I will try to make it short. Last week we saw a mouse crawl up between the tin and the concrete on our back porch and steal some of Katy's (our wienie dog) dog food. I can't stand little mice, they just creep me out. Well when Montana saw it she was scared because it would just stare at us! The next day Levi put bait out underneath the house, and we thought that was the end of our problem. NOT!!

A couple days later I was reading a book in my recliner and I could see something out of the corner of my eye. He went from the couch to underneath Autumn's walker and as I watched he took off for the hallway. I hollered at Levi to hurry and come in there and when I did the little mouse didn't know where to go, it was going just going back and forth. It finally dodged into the bathroom. Levi said, "Are you sure it was a mouse?" That was a no brainer for me!! :) Levi sat about 5 traps throughout the house that night. That night only one trap had been sprung in the office. A couple more days went by and NOTHING!!

Well, last night he appeared again and the laughter began!!!!! :) After we saw him he got up underneath the couch and Levi flipped the couch over and had a stick digging in there to get him. After 5 minutes passed, I went to finish giving Montana a bath. After about 15 minutes, Montana and I returned to the living room when Levi said the mouse was now behind the hutch. And listen to this- he put my flip-flops at one end of the hutch to block the hole and then had a trap on the other end to where he had to step on it. But, this mouse like JUMPED over it! He came out once and looked at us and then ran back. By this time Montana wants to stick her head back there and see the mouse again because he went bye-bye. She was standing in front of the hutch saying, "Bye-bye mouse." During this time, I got the broom for Levi and when he came out Levi had the broom in the air and smacked him DEAD right there!!!!

When Levi went to carry him outside all Montana could say was that mouse dead. Then she started imitating Levi and it was the funniest thing ever!!! She raised her arms in the air and acted she was going to smack the mouse and was saying, "Daddy did like this and bam killed that mouse." She was jumping up and down and laughing, and needless to say- Autumn SLEPT through all of our mouse adventure!

Just an innocent 2 year old and her mouse adventure!!! :)

Friday, September 26, 2008


As the fall season begins, everyone has been decorating and getting their scarecrows put in their yards. Well Montana has noticed and she is very interested in them. Daycare put 2 medium size scarecrows in their yard at the first of the week, and that was the first thing she noticed when we got out of the car. She has to touch the red one and the blue one every time we get to daycare and every time we leave.

Well, sometimes in the morning to wake her up you have to ask her a question that draws her attention to set up and talk to you. This morning I asked her, "Does Marci's yard have 2 scarecrows in her yard?" She popped up off the pillow with her eyes wide open and lit up!! She responded, "Yeah there 2 of them- one red, one blue. There 1,2,3,4, 6,7,8,9,10 red and blue!" And then she kinda just leaned against me and hugged me. She spit all that out in about 2 seconds!! It was the funniest thing to listen to her ramble and still be halfway asleep, but needless to say, she was good and awake after that!!


Thursday, September 25, 2008


Well, I just keep promising everyone that I will post a picture of Montana's haircut and here I am finally doing it. Last Wednesday both girls got their hair cut. This was Autumn's first haircut and we didn't cut a lot, just enough to keep it from looking shaggy. On the other hand, Montana's haircut was drastic and she LOVES it. She says, "It's so pretty Mommy."

I have been busy with my teacher certification classes, and actually I just finished an assignment tonight so I decided my blog was in desperate need of a NEW post!!

My Dad's birthday is today so HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!! We are having supper, cake and ice cream tomorrow night with Levi's sister and parents because Mike's (Levi's Dad) birthday is Saturday. Guess I need to get off of here and start baking a cake!! LOL

I hope everyone's week has went well, and I will fill you in more on the Woods' happenings later!

Kacy and Autumn (she lookes excited!)

Montana being a BIG girl!

Showing off her new haircut!

She thinks she is all that!

My sweet baby girl smiling for me!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Toddlers.......need I say more!!!

I think my heading title hit it right on the money! Montana has officially hit the "terrible two's" as of about a month ago, but this weekend she pushed us to the limit every chance she had. On Saturday I had a booth at the Fall Fest in Quanah and the girls stayed with Levi's Aunt Christie and cousins Tara and Tana. Thank ya'll for keeping them!! Montana wasn't feeling too well, so Sat. night when I got home we just stayed around the house.

Sunday was when the uproar began!!!! We were going to Chuckie Cheese in Wichita Falls for Harper and Hutton's B-day party. Montana didn't cooperate at all, and needless to say we came close 2 different times of just staying home. But, we did make it there and she got better as the day went on. We have been potty training for 2 weeks now, and it seems like this weekend we took a week back. She has been wanting a diaper on, I guess so she doesn't potty on herself, but I won't let her. I have worked too hard on this, and she is so stubborn, if I did let her I have a feeling she would go back to being a baby. As of right now, her swings are taken off her swing until she can learn to mind us. I can't believe we had to do this at 2, but it seems to be the only way to make her realize that she has to mind us. On a side note, she was a very happy 2 yr old last night as well as this morning. It is amazing how they can just snap out of it sometimes. When she is happy she is just the cutest and sweetest little girl!! Gotta love her!!

As for Autumn, she is just the happiest little girl!! She crawls as fast as she can now, and loves to go into their room after toys. Her favorite thing to do though is chase Montana, and Montana loves it as well, so they just giggle at each other forever. It is SO sweet!!

As for my school, apparently the power at Region 4 in Houston (which is where my classes are out of) is still off. I can't login to blackboard to do any assignments. I had assignments due yesterday but couldn't login all weekend. I am sure that we will be alloted more time, but it still makes me a little stressed just worrying about it, and about how far behind I am getting. I told Levi last night that it seems like every since I started this, it has been a three-ring circus. I hope all the kinks get worked out and I can accomplish this!!!

Have a great week!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Holy Cow!

I can't believe that I am typing this at 5:30 am on Saturday, but I am!! I am getting all my stuff ready for the fall fest here in Quanah, I am having a booth for Scentsy Candles. If you are interested in Scentsy candles you can go to my webpage for more info about them- I have to be up there to set my booth up at 7am.

The online class has gotten better, I have least got to where I can read it on my screen- yah!! And I am starting to pick up on learning to navigate through blackboard.

Guess I better get busy- have a GREAT weekend!!! These pics are from a couple of weeks ago, but I sure thought they were cute!!

Harper and Heather (so cute)

Hutton, Harper, Heather, & Montana

Me, Montana, Belinda, & Heather
shooting clay pigeons

Montana (kind of blurry, but still cute)

My babies!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Stressed Already!

Well nothing has went as I planned it would tonight!!! Trying to learn to navigate this "Blackboard" which is where all my assignments, announcements, etc are is STRESSING me out. First of all my computer has something "jacked up" about it. Some of the icons ONLY on "blackboard" are so small I can't even begin to read them. I am calling the computer man tomorrow, I have to have it fixed!! I can't read what my assignments are or see when their due, except I know some of them are due by Sunday. I am going to bed and hopefully tomorrow I will figure it all out, MAYBE!! I have e-mailed my teacher so maybe she can help me. Anyways, off my soap box, but "God, Please help me get through this in one piece!!"

....Nervous & Excited!!!............

...Ready, Set, Run!!...
Well today I have mixed emotions as today I embark on a new adventure for me!! :) As of today my classes begin for me to become a teacher. I currently hold a BBA in Finance and have made the choice to pursue a teaching degree. The classes are through Region 4, who is partnering with the regions across the state, and are totally online. I will finish classes Dec. 21st, and then find an internship at a school for the 2009-2010 school year. During the internship I will have a classroom of my own and be considered a teacher just with a probationary certificate. After I have completed the internship and passed all the exams I will be FULLY certified!!

I have been finished with college for 3 yrs now and have added 2 kids to the family. Levi tells me to relax, that it'll be fine, but my kids are my first priority so PLEASE pray that I can handle all of the stress! I will continue to work at Owens full-time until the end of Summer 2009, after that my boss has agreed to let me work part-time to get the bookwork done. I ABSOLUTELY love my job, just hate the commute back and forth to Childress EVERYDAY!! My goal is to find a teaching job in Quanah, as Montana will be old enough to attend pre-school here in Quanah next year.

So many things are changing right now, especially with the girls, and I want to be with them as much as I can. I feel this is the route that I have to go, for myself and them!! My area of study will be EC-4 Generalist. (Heather- maybe you can help pass the word that I am doing this) and I will be to the school soon to talk to them!

Now, after my spill of what I had bottled up for the past 6 months, I leave you with adorable pics of the girls. I haven't posted any new pics in awhile so it may take me a couple of days to catch up!!

Happy Hump Day!! :)
She loves to swing!!!

Autumn on the zebra!

My girls in their new "Mommy's Super Star" pajamas


Autumn, Grandma, & Montana swinging on the new swing set!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

She's growing up!!

Well yesterday Montana got on her tricycle that she has had since Christmas but never can figure out how to make it go. And this time she made it go all the way across our porch, but every time she would do it she would get so excited that she would stop and then start again! I'm so proud of her!! But, potty raining and tricycle riding within 2 weeks- she is growing up right in front of my eyes!! :) Hope everyone is enjoying the rain and fall weather!!! I am!! :)

Monday, September 8, 2008

Potty Training 101!!

Wow how time has flown!! A lot has happened since the last time I blogged. Montana is now using the potty, and absolutely LOVES it!! Our labor day weekend just consisted of living in the bathroom! LOL But this past weekend we went to Vernon on Saturday and church on Sunday, and she did GREAT- no accidents all weekend!!

Autumn is now really wanting to stand up, all she does is pull on stuff trying to get up. She can get one foot on the ground, but she stays on her knee on the other leg. Needless to say, she gets very frustrated. Her birthday is a MONTH away!! Where has time gone, a year already!!

Levi has been dove hunting just a couple of times due to our 2 children, and both times he has taken Montana. But last night she didn't act very good while hunting, maybe b/c she was running on NO nap! Maybe this week I can let him go hunting by himself!! :)

I have found time to occupy myself with laundry, constant picking up behind 2 kids, and everyday stuff! Imagine that?! And I have became addicted to "The Pioneer Woman" website and have got several recipes from her!! Thanks Amy and Belinda!! I have even bought the ingriedients for 2 of the recipes, but never have enough time to actually make it. Maybe this week is the charm for me to actually do it! :) I also have been reading "The Shack", and I started this book about the same time some of my other friends (the 1st of August) and I am just now to Chapter 6, getting close to being half way through the book. Anyways it is getting very interesting, but I am usually only allowed 2-3 pages at a time (max 6-7) before I have to get up and tend to 1 or both of our kids!!

I will try to post pics a little later tonight when I get some free time~LOL! And to Sue who I know is reading this, if you click on the comments right below this post you can leave a comment there as a anonymous user, if you can't figure it out e-mail me!! Have a great week!!!!