Monday, September 15, 2008

Toddlers.......need I say more!!!

I think my heading title hit it right on the money! Montana has officially hit the "terrible two's" as of about a month ago, but this weekend she pushed us to the limit every chance she had. On Saturday I had a booth at the Fall Fest in Quanah and the girls stayed with Levi's Aunt Christie and cousins Tara and Tana. Thank ya'll for keeping them!! Montana wasn't feeling too well, so Sat. night when I got home we just stayed around the house.

Sunday was when the uproar began!!!! We were going to Chuckie Cheese in Wichita Falls for Harper and Hutton's B-day party. Montana didn't cooperate at all, and needless to say we came close 2 different times of just staying home. But, we did make it there and she got better as the day went on. We have been potty training for 2 weeks now, and it seems like this weekend we took a week back. She has been wanting a diaper on, I guess so she doesn't potty on herself, but I won't let her. I have worked too hard on this, and she is so stubborn, if I did let her I have a feeling she would go back to being a baby. As of right now, her swings are taken off her swing until she can learn to mind us. I can't believe we had to do this at 2, but it seems to be the only way to make her realize that she has to mind us. On a side note, she was a very happy 2 yr old last night as well as this morning. It is amazing how they can just snap out of it sometimes. When she is happy she is just the cutest and sweetest little girl!! Gotta love her!!

As for Autumn, she is just the happiest little girl!! She crawls as fast as she can now, and loves to go into their room after toys. Her favorite thing to do though is chase Montana, and Montana loves it as well, so they just giggle at each other forever. It is SO sweet!!

As for my school, apparently the power at Region 4 in Houston (which is where my classes are out of) is still off. I can't login to blackboard to do any assignments. I had assignments due yesterday but couldn't login all weekend. I am sure that we will be alloted more time, but it still makes me a little stressed just worrying about it, and about how far behind I am getting. I told Levi last night that it seems like every since I started this, it has been a three-ring circus. I hope all the kinks get worked out and I can accomplish this!!!

Have a great week!!


Anonymous said...

Breathe, remember to take in air and then let it out slowly. You tell Levi to go ahead and post anytime. I miss the girls lets get together soon and do something.

Heather said...

"This too shall pass" (and yes, I keep telling myself that having a teenager in the house!) You & Levi are great parents and are doing such a good job raising the girls. Hang in there! It was good to see you on Saturday. Let me know when the new catalog comes in.

Amy said...

We grounded Case from his tricycle when he was 2 and I remember saying the same thing..."if we are grounding him at 2 years old, what does this mean for the rest of his childhood!" LOL!

You guys are doing a great job! Just keep it up. They learn the manipulation skills EARLY!! :)

Hope to see ya soon!


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