Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Meet Aspen Laine...

Thanks to Ericka I have a picture of Miss Aspen!  Here is the 10x20 storyboard she made for me and I love it because it has all of my favorite pictures!  She was a month old on Monday; therefore, I don't have too much longer until I have to let go b/c she'll be heading to daycare.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Whew...time is flying!

Time has once again got away from me!  Since the last time, The Woods Family has added a "new" baby girl to our crew.  Aspen Laine Woods was born on April 26, 2010 at 5pm weighing in @ 8 lbs 1 oz and was 21 1/2 in long.  She is so darn cute and loveable!  The girls are adjusting well, but Autumn is having a harder time as expected (since she's not the baby anymore)!!  She is now 3 weeks old and growing like a weed!  I came back to work when she was a week, but I am bringing her with me- therefore, work is fun!! :)

Since Aspen has arrived we have had a lot of things going on from a baby shower, Mother's Day Tea @ pre-school, gymnastics recital, senior parties, newborn pics, etc.  The list could go on.  This week Montana will graduate from her 1st year of pre-school and she is looking forward to it!  We love having a crazy, busy life!  But in our crazy life, we have had some sadness.  Levi's grandpa passed away Mother's Day evening and was buried last Wednesday.  Levi was very close to him and there were lots of sad tears that day, but we know he is no longer relying on oxygen to breathe anymore.  Then last night I found out Cheyenne's grandma had passed away.  Cheyenne is a great friend who I became friends with my sophomore year in high school.  So a little later I'll be heading to Crowell for visitation to see her and the family.  In the past three weeks, I've really seen lots of happiness and lots of sadness.  All we can do is leave it up to God!

And I have been awful with my camera!!  I have hardly taken any pics of Aspen and she's already 3 weeks old.  I have learned the 3rd kid gets the shaft! lol  Plus, I haven't uploaded any on my computer so I stole this one from Belinda's blog.  She managed to catch Montana & Autumn wanting to take a picture @ Gerry's senior party.  Miss Aspen was sleeping away in her car seat during this. 

P.S.  I know I have LOTS of FAT to loose and I desperately NEED a tan!!  I am working on BOTH of these!!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Flat tire...

Not only did this week feel like a "flat tire" week (feeling drained completely), I really did have a flat about 3 miles outside of Childress on Wednesday night. I had picked Montana up from gymnastics and gotten the girls McDonalds to eat on the way home. I heard a funny "fizzing" noise and I couldn't figure it out, but then my car started going all over the road and I knew right then it was a tire. Being already dark, I called a SUPER great friend, Marci, to see if her husband, Jeff was home and he was so he came out to help me. As I was talking to her, a deputy pulled up behind me and it turned out to be Doty's Dad (Montana's friend from daycare), so he stayed until the tire was changed to help keep traffic off of us.

All in all, the girls were happy b/c they had food and were excellent for the 30-45 minutes we sat on the side of the road. When we arrived at home I started thinking that most of the time if something happened like that it would have made my day horrible, but it didn't. It made me grateful!! For the friends that I have to count on when I need help and for the deputy stopping just to see if he could help! I wasn't going to let the girls have McDonalds at first, now I'm so glad I did. All in all, God had our night planned to the "T" and I think part of it was for me to just be grateful for what I have and the friends I have encountered throughout my life!

I leave you with a picture that Montana made at Ms. Angie's preschool a couple of weeks ago. It absolutely MELTS my heart! When I asked he what the picture was she said that Sissy was her best friend b/c she swings with her, plays with her, and something else (I forgot). All I could do was smile at her & give her a big hug! She has 2 friends (1 @ daycare & 1@ preschool) that she always says are her best friends so it just caught me off guard I guess. Tonight we are having my niece's 13th b-day party!  Have a great weekend! :)

Friday, February 26, 2010

Lots of projects

What a week it's been!  I still don't have the girl's toys organized in their room!  It's partly done, just not 100%.  They have been doing good sleeping in their own beds, but at least one of them (sometimes both) wake up during the night.  My "fat body" hates having to crawl out of the bed and function! lol  I know it's worth it though and that eventually they'll go back to sleeping all night again!  I know it has to be very different for them right now.  I now have to figure out what I'm going to hang on their walls.  I have a few things, but for sure they will be getting a couple of pink & brown crosses that I'll get Joycelyn to make for them.

This weekend we are buying paint for our bathroom and that project will get underway this weekend or next week.  We have the flooring already, I just need paint.  After this, ALL of the "major" projects I want done before the end of April will be done!!  Thank goodness!!  I know we'll find plenty of stuff to do outside, but the girl's room and our bathroom were the two things I wanted done this year.  Next year, I hope to lay laminate flooring in our kitchen, dining room & guest bath along with painting! *I'll be keeping my fingers crossed*

Levi is finishing up a couple of hog traps this weekend and tomorrow we're headed back to Childress to help Marci for the day!  I need to get lots of laundry and cleaning done too!!  I leave you with a picture of the girls I took in April '09 and I sent it to Ericka for her to edit and enhance it in photoshop.  I loved this picture before, and I love it even more now!  It's almost a year old and still my FAV!!  Thanks Ericka!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Our Fiji Gifts!!

And no I didn't go to Fiji, but I wish I could've experienced the 85 degree weather!  But one of my friends, Amy W., did just return from a week and a half trip to Fiji.  She also brought back a gift for the girls and I.  I love mine and the girls are pretty fond of theirs too!  Thank you Amy for thinking about us!!

The girl's seashell braclets
(the lighting in either pic wasn't very good)

My gift
It was carved by the locals in Fiji; I would love to watch them do this!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

A few pics from the past few months!

I love Saturdays where we have nothing planned and we can stay in our pjs all day!  Well, today IS one of those days!  My house is a total wreck, but I am picking it up slowly and enjoying playing with the girls.  I thought I would browse through my camera and find some pictures over the last few months to share with ya'll.  There are plenty more, but here are a few from Christmas and when we went to the Longhorn Ranch Steakhouse a few weekends ago with our friends Nick & Julie & Amy.  Amy's husband, David, wasn't able to come with us that night yet we did have a lot of fun!

My Fav of the girls

I love this too~ even with Autumn's crazy hair!

Montana & Doty (a good friend from daycare)
Her 1st "official" sleepover

Mommy & Montana @ the Rain Forest Cafe
She knows the camera is "bright" so she does this before the flash happens! lol

Daddy & Autumn @ Rain Forest

Aunt Nancy & Montana

Autumn styling in some new pj's! :)

Julie, Amy & Me @ the Longhorn Ranch Steakhouse in Crowell

Levi & I
(& please disregard how "big" I am getting! This may be the last pic ya'll see of me till after the baby-lol)

Nick & Julie

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

3 months!!

I can't believe 3 months have passed since I have made even one post!  Sorry about that~ I truly hope to blog more often in the coming months!  So instead of playing catch-up, I will just inform you on what has been happening right now. 

In just two more weeks, I will be counting my last 8 weeks down until the new baby arrives and still have so much to do!  I am starting to feel like I'm in that miserable stage where it's harder to tie my own shoe, to pick something up, and just feeling out of breath quicker.  It's funny how the 1st trimester you're sicker then a dog, 2nd trimester- people just think you're fat instead of pregnant, and 3rd trimester- you're so uncomfortable b/c you're stomach is now huge! lol

The girls have had a rough winter this year!  Montana has had tonsillitis 2x and bronchitis 2x & Autumn has had the flu.  On Monday we went to the dr for Montana's bronchitis this time & she is having to do breathing treatments b/c it was borderline (meaning almost pneumonia).  I can honestly say I am SO ready for spring!  This past weekend my Mom kept them while we painted their room, put new blinds up, & put together new bunkbeds!  They really like them, but since Montana has been sick this week she hasn't slept more than half the night in hers.  Although, I really think it's b/c she keeps waking herself up coughing.  Autumn woke up around 5am this morning & I heard her saying "Mommy" in a whiny voice.  I jump up & run in the living room & here she was coming down the hall with her crazy hair.  It was really cute~ she's not supposed to be that big!!

I have started reading Beth Moore's new book- So Long Insecurity, You've been a bad friend to us & last night I finished Chapter 1 & I am hooked, but I literally fell alseep reading it b/c it was so late so I put it away for the night.  A little over a month ago, I started the Esther Bible Study also with our church.  Montana has gymnastics on Wednesdays so I haven't got to make it to our "actual class," but I am keeping up with it at home & loving it!

I gave you a brief overview over what's happening right now & I will have pics to post of the girl's "new" room as soon as I get the toys back in there & organized!  Hope you are having a great week!!