Wednesday, February 17, 2010

3 months!!

I can't believe 3 months have passed since I have made even one post!  Sorry about that~ I truly hope to blog more often in the coming months!  So instead of playing catch-up, I will just inform you on what has been happening right now. 

In just two more weeks, I will be counting my last 8 weeks down until the new baby arrives and still have so much to do!  I am starting to feel like I'm in that miserable stage where it's harder to tie my own shoe, to pick something up, and just feeling out of breath quicker.  It's funny how the 1st trimester you're sicker then a dog, 2nd trimester- people just think you're fat instead of pregnant, and 3rd trimester- you're so uncomfortable b/c you're stomach is now huge! lol

The girls have had a rough winter this year!  Montana has had tonsillitis 2x and bronchitis 2x & Autumn has had the flu.  On Monday we went to the dr for Montana's bronchitis this time & she is having to do breathing treatments b/c it was borderline (meaning almost pneumonia).  I can honestly say I am SO ready for spring!  This past weekend my Mom kept them while we painted their room, put new blinds up, & put together new bunkbeds!  They really like them, but since Montana has been sick this week she hasn't slept more than half the night in hers.  Although, I really think it's b/c she keeps waking herself up coughing.  Autumn woke up around 5am this morning & I heard her saying "Mommy" in a whiny voice.  I jump up & run in the living room & here she was coming down the hall with her crazy hair.  It was really cute~ she's not supposed to be that big!!

I have started reading Beth Moore's new book- So Long Insecurity, You've been a bad friend to us & last night I finished Chapter 1 & I am hooked, but I literally fell alseep reading it b/c it was so late so I put it away for the night.  A little over a month ago, I started the Esther Bible Study also with our church.  Montana has gymnastics on Wednesdays so I haven't got to make it to our "actual class," but I am keeping up with it at home & loving it!

I gave you a brief overview over what's happening right now & I will have pics to post of the girl's "new" room as soon as I get the toys back in there & organized!  Hope you are having a great week!!


Ericka Moore Photography said...

Welcome back to the blog world! Can't wait to see pics of the new room and to meet the new baby. : )

West Texas Wife said...

Hey girl I know how you feel about the pregnancy! I am so glad that your are back to blogging!!!

Whitney said...

So glad you caughts us up! ;)