Saturday, February 20, 2010

A few pics from the past few months!

I love Saturdays where we have nothing planned and we can stay in our pjs all day!  Well, today IS one of those days!  My house is a total wreck, but I am picking it up slowly and enjoying playing with the girls.  I thought I would browse through my camera and find some pictures over the last few months to share with ya'll.  There are plenty more, but here are a few from Christmas and when we went to the Longhorn Ranch Steakhouse a few weekends ago with our friends Nick & Julie & Amy.  Amy's husband, David, wasn't able to come with us that night yet we did have a lot of fun!

My Fav of the girls

I love this too~ even with Autumn's crazy hair!

Montana & Doty (a good friend from daycare)
Her 1st "official" sleepover

Mommy & Montana @ the Rain Forest Cafe
She knows the camera is "bright" so she does this before the flash happens! lol

Daddy & Autumn @ Rain Forest

Aunt Nancy & Montana

Autumn styling in some new pj's! :)

Julie, Amy & Me @ the Longhorn Ranch Steakhouse in Crowell

Levi & I
(& please disregard how "big" I am getting! This may be the last pic ya'll see of me till after the baby-lol)

Nick & Julie

Have a great weekend!

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Jennifer said...

Hi! I found you through another mentioned Crowell...would that be Crowell Tx? My family is from around Knox County. So I know right where that is! :)