Monday, March 30, 2009

A boost of confidence!!

I got a BIG boost of confidence today!!! I tried on jeans @ Owens in a size smaller & they fit! I'm sure my face was glowing b/c I was so happy!! LOL I haven't weighed in a few weeks b/c it just keeps telling me the same weight & that I've only lost 3 lbs. Well people, I have been loosing inches apparently! I'm actually excited to weigh this week and see what it says!

Other than that, we have been up to the same old thing. We went to Nick & Julie's engagement dinner Saturday night and had a great time with everyone! Last week we went to a circus, witnessed friends renew their wedding vows after 15 years, and Levi built 2 hog traps for a guy. This week I plan on being a little less busy. We plan on being at home b/c I have many areas of my house calling me... paint, flooring, flowers for the porches, & getting a garden area ready!...

Hope everyone is having a great Monday!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Carnival & Much More!

We have been up to a lot this past week. On Monday, we went to Wellington to take our heifer to be processed, we enjoyed the carnival Wednesday night and last night Levi and I went to Crowell to eat for Belinda's birthday! Sound packed- it was! I feel like I have ran a road race this week. As for today and tommorrow, we have lots of cleaning and picking up to do inside and outside.

We are loving the warm weather- while the girls play outside we can get a few things done! Today we have plans to get together some big pots to put on our back porch and a couple around the front door steps. This may mean a trip to Wal-Mart to get some plants, but I am so ready to get a few things like this done.

Thanks to Gina and Tim (my cousins) who cooked supper for us on Monday night while in Wellington. We appreciate it! I will leave you with abunch of pictures!! We told Montana that if she was good that we would go back to the carnival on Sunday afternoon, so I may not be through with the carnival just yet! Have a Super Saturday!!! :)

Miss Priss


Gina & Autumn

Tim playing w/ Autumn

loving the carousel

waiting their turn for the carousel

this is what she does now when you say "cheese"

Breanna- Marci's daughter
(the lady who owns the daycare my kids go to)

Autumn & Aunt Joshie in action

Daddy & Montana going round & round

...waiting to race...
Autumn & I were ahead until Levi grabbed my arm to slow us down

away we go

Daddy, Joshie & the girls @ the bottom of the slide

Levi, Montana, & Breanna on the farris wheel

...anxiously awaiting for the "Go Gator" to go!!...

...and their off...

getting in some trampoline time

and cheesing

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Cookie Fun

On Friday night Montana decided she wanted to make some sugar cookies, and seeing that it was Friday I let her. We had a lot of fun, while Daddy & Autumn watched.

Yesterday we made a quick trip to WF to pick up an upright freezer that we had ordered, and we ended up getting a new grill. This has been on our "need" list for awhile. Our grill was bought the night before Montana was born (I never will forget that story- we stayed up till 3 am putting it together!). So, 3 years later it was on its last leg!

Happy Sunday to everyone! I hope to get my house back to normal somewhat after church today!! :)

making cookies
enjoying Montana's cookies

...Take a look @ her shirt- she had icing all over her!...

we had strict orders from Daddy to not ruin all the cookies with sprinkles we didn't!...

Friday, March 13, 2009

The High chair

Most of you know that Montana was 18 months old when Autumn was born; therefore, we never officially put the high chair up. We left it sitting for when Autumn could eat cereal at 4 months, and every now and then I would put her in it & lean it back just for something different for her.

Daycare has been letting Autumn (she is now 17m) go up to the 2 yr old room some since next month she will officially move out of the baby room, and they let her sit at the big kid tables. And last night, I let her be a big kid too when she got to eat supper @ the table. Montana turns 3 next month and we have had a high chair in our house continusally since she was 4 months old! Last night we finally said goodbye to it and put it in storage! After having that thing in the way for almost 3 years, it sure is nice to see a table and chairs. I recently bought a counter height table back in October and I'm not very comfortable with Autumn sitting that high. Montana can barely get up and down from it, so we brought their little kid table out of their room and 2 chairs into the dining room just for the 2 of them.

We went from this...
(Autumn- about 5m & Montana- almost 2) this!!

She loved every minute of it!

And she loves having Autumn @ the table with her

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

...blogger land updates...

Since I haven't taken a picture of anything since my last post, I guess all you'll get is an update! This weekend my garage sale went ok- I made over $200 (my last one made $350). Levi's head cold seemed to get worse, and by Saturday at lunch he was burning up and had no energy. After he slept awhile, he dropped the fever.

Sunday afternoon was a lazy day. We enjoyed the outside weather and gave both of the big dogs baths. Our bordie collie puppy didn't like it to much, but the other border collie enjoyed every minute of it. And needless to say, Montana and Autumn were right in the middle of it! Our weenie dog, Katy, also got a bath and has been getting to come in again. She was my "baby" until I had kids, but after kid #2 it got harder to give her baths so that she could come in. In other words, she was in heaven again, and the girls have loved it too. Montana annoys me because she annoys her so much. She chases her and even crawls under the table after her.

Our new blinds (the right ones this time) came in yesterday- YEAH!! I will be sure to take some before and after pictures for you! I'm excited!

Last night, the Childress Elementary had their book fair open so we stayed in Childress for it before we headed home. And guess what Montana got- Barbie, The Diamond Castle & Barbie, Island Princess. Can you imagine that? (she watches these movies over & over & over & over)

She pointed at the Diamond Castle Book and said:

M: Who's that Momma?

Me: Well, who is that?

M: That's Leona & that's Lexa.

And then I thought to myself, that for sure had earned her that book!! She then preceeded to sit in a chair and flip pages and talk about the pictures. I have a feeling she will love to read!!

And as you can see, all of these were very worthy of pictures, but I have none- Sorry!

This week I am not doing any observations mainly b/c schools are about to let out for spring break, so the week after spring break I will start back and get my remaining 2 days out of the way.

Hope everyone is having a great week!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Foto Friday

Sorry it took me over 2 weeks to make a new post. Life around here has been busy! The weekend before last we were in WF shopping and then took a trip bowling with Belinda and her family. And then this past weekend, Levi was in a 24 hr varmint hunt. I didn't really do anything besides tend to the girls, clean some of my house, and do laundry. Sound boring~ it was!

Yesterday, I completed my 3rd day of teacher oservations. I went to Crowell Elementary and had a lot of fun. (Crowell is where I graduated) I only have 2 more days of observations~ Yeah! And last night I went to a Scentsy meeting in WF. It was fun to just get away, but I didn't see my girls more than 30 min. yesterday. That was the hard part! I will leave you with the pictures my camera has been holding for you! Have a great weekend~ I'm off to have a garage sale tomorrow morning!

This was last night- after she had covered Daddy up and laid down and covered herself up, I couldn't resist a pic so I told her to play like she was asleep (look @ her grin)
What an imagination!!

Autumn loves to wear hats

looking so grown up


..wearing Ma's (Levi's Mom) glasses, she looks like a school teacher!

playing with PePaw's wheel chair

Sweet Sisters

Us @ the bowling alley

...thanks to Belinda who picked these out for her & then I bought!...
She looks so cute in them though!