Friday, March 6, 2009

Foto Friday

Sorry it took me over 2 weeks to make a new post. Life around here has been busy! The weekend before last we were in WF shopping and then took a trip bowling with Belinda and her family. And then this past weekend, Levi was in a 24 hr varmint hunt. I didn't really do anything besides tend to the girls, clean some of my house, and do laundry. Sound boring~ it was!

Yesterday, I completed my 3rd day of teacher oservations. I went to Crowell Elementary and had a lot of fun. (Crowell is where I graduated) I only have 2 more days of observations~ Yeah! And last night I went to a Scentsy meeting in WF. It was fun to just get away, but I didn't see my girls more than 30 min. yesterday. That was the hard part! I will leave you with the pictures my camera has been holding for you! Have a great weekend~ I'm off to have a garage sale tomorrow morning!

This was last night- after she had covered Daddy up and laid down and covered herself up, I couldn't resist a pic so I told her to play like she was asleep (look @ her grin)
What an imagination!!

Autumn loves to wear hats

looking so grown up


..wearing Ma's (Levi's Mom) glasses, she looks like a school teacher!

playing with PePaw's wheel chair

Sweet Sisters

Us @ the bowling alley

...thanks to Belinda who picked these out for her & then I bought!...
She looks so cute in them though!


Belinda said...

Well I did have to keep Montana busy while you shopped,so we found the sunglasses. It did the trick. Cute pictures of the girls, such sweet girls.....

Whitney said...

Are you getting your BA is education or are you going through a teacher cert. program? It will be so worth it! It's a great job b/c you have the same schedule as your kids!

Precious pics.!

Whitney said...

That's awesome! If we only knew... when we were in college! But, who really knows what they want to be when they are 18 years old!

I actually regret not doing something more part time friendly, like a pt or ot or speech therapist. You can name your job and your hours practically!

wife said...

Hey girl so glad you found me.... Your girls are so beautiful! Don't dread the observation we all made it through! Hope to see ya soon!

Heather said...

Such cute pictures, Jackie! The girls are so sweet. It was great to see you this week! I can't wait to hear all about your teacher observations. I'm so proud of you! You will love being a teacher (especially having the holidays and summertime off with your kids!) :)

a cowgirl at heart said...

Those are some sweet girls! They are such cute little blondies!