Saturday, March 21, 2009

Carnival & Much More!

We have been up to a lot this past week. On Monday, we went to Wellington to take our heifer to be processed, we enjoyed the carnival Wednesday night and last night Levi and I went to Crowell to eat for Belinda's birthday! Sound packed- it was! I feel like I have ran a road race this week. As for today and tommorrow, we have lots of cleaning and picking up to do inside and outside.

We are loving the warm weather- while the girls play outside we can get a few things done! Today we have plans to get together some big pots to put on our back porch and a couple around the front door steps. This may mean a trip to Wal-Mart to get some plants, but I am so ready to get a few things like this done.

Thanks to Gina and Tim (my cousins) who cooked supper for us on Monday night while in Wellington. We appreciate it! I will leave you with abunch of pictures!! We told Montana that if she was good that we would go back to the carnival on Sunday afternoon, so I may not be through with the carnival just yet! Have a Super Saturday!!! :)

Miss Priss


Gina & Autumn

Tim playing w/ Autumn

loving the carousel

waiting their turn for the carousel

this is what she does now when you say "cheese"

Breanna- Marci's daughter
(the lady who owns the daycare my kids go to)

Autumn & Aunt Joshie in action

Daddy & Montana going round & round

...waiting to race...
Autumn & I were ahead until Levi grabbed my arm to slow us down

away we go

Daddy, Joshie & the girls @ the bottom of the slide

Levi, Montana, & Breanna on the farris wheel

...anxiously awaiting for the "Go Gator" to go!!...

...and their off...

getting in some trampoline time

and cheesing


Whitney said...

I made a trip to Lowe's last night for plants! Bring on Spring! Glad ya'll had a good but busy week!

Belinda said...

Oh what good pics. I posted out date night pics so go copy & paste.Talk to you tomorrow.

West Texas Wife said...

what company is your internet through I need to check it out!!!! I have an aircard but I hate it! It never works.

Lacey said...

Looks like yall had a blast!

Kary said...

I can't wait!!! I had my appt today..every thing went good. I'm going back in the morning for a maybe I will have a new picture to post. I think Dr. Ridens is so nice...Seth really liked her too.

West Texas Wife said...

hey it is Just shoot me one!