Friday, March 13, 2009

The High chair

Most of you know that Montana was 18 months old when Autumn was born; therefore, we never officially put the high chair up. We left it sitting for when Autumn could eat cereal at 4 months, and every now and then I would put her in it & lean it back just for something different for her.

Daycare has been letting Autumn (she is now 17m) go up to the 2 yr old room some since next month she will officially move out of the baby room, and they let her sit at the big kid tables. And last night, I let her be a big kid too when she got to eat supper @ the table. Montana turns 3 next month and we have had a high chair in our house continusally since she was 4 months old! Last night we finally said goodbye to it and put it in storage! After having that thing in the way for almost 3 years, it sure is nice to see a table and chairs. I recently bought a counter height table back in October and I'm not very comfortable with Autumn sitting that high. Montana can barely get up and down from it, so we brought their little kid table out of their room and 2 chairs into the dining room just for the 2 of them.

We went from this...
(Autumn- about 5m & Montana- almost 2) this!!

She loved every minute of it!

And she loves having Autumn @ the table with her

Have a great weekend!


Amy said...

I remember how big my kitchen felt after putting up that BIG highchair! I never realized how badly it was in the way!

They look adorable sitting together at the table. Such sweet sisters.

Looking forward to Monday!

West Texas Wife said...

They are so beautiful and I guess I be going through that soon.

Belinda said...

Oh how sweet ....I finally got to read this thing. I think my computer is cold or something.