Wednesday, March 11, 2009

...blogger land updates...

Since I haven't taken a picture of anything since my last post, I guess all you'll get is an update! This weekend my garage sale went ok- I made over $200 (my last one made $350). Levi's head cold seemed to get worse, and by Saturday at lunch he was burning up and had no energy. After he slept awhile, he dropped the fever.

Sunday afternoon was a lazy day. We enjoyed the outside weather and gave both of the big dogs baths. Our bordie collie puppy didn't like it to much, but the other border collie enjoyed every minute of it. And needless to say, Montana and Autumn were right in the middle of it! Our weenie dog, Katy, also got a bath and has been getting to come in again. She was my "baby" until I had kids, but after kid #2 it got harder to give her baths so that she could come in. In other words, she was in heaven again, and the girls have loved it too. Montana annoys me because she annoys her so much. She chases her and even crawls under the table after her.

Our new blinds (the right ones this time) came in yesterday- YEAH!! I will be sure to take some before and after pictures for you! I'm excited!

Last night, the Childress Elementary had their book fair open so we stayed in Childress for it before we headed home. And guess what Montana got- Barbie, The Diamond Castle & Barbie, Island Princess. Can you imagine that? (she watches these movies over & over & over & over)

She pointed at the Diamond Castle Book and said:

M: Who's that Momma?

Me: Well, who is that?

M: That's Leona & that's Lexa.

And then I thought to myself, that for sure had earned her that book!! She then preceeded to sit in a chair and flip pages and talk about the pictures. I have a feeling she will love to read!!

And as you can see, all of these were very worthy of pictures, but I have none- Sorry!

This week I am not doing any observations mainly b/c schools are about to let out for spring break, so the week after spring break I will start back and get my remaining 2 days out of the way.

Hope everyone is having a great week!!

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Belinda said...

Glad Montana got her books.I feel the need to catch up with you, seems like forever since we talked. Glad your blinds are in too. Talk to you soon.