Friday, November 20, 2009


Here is a preview of the pictures that Ericka took a couple of weeks ago. These are a few of the ones she e-mailed me and I LOVE everything that I have seen so far! She is very talented and very cheap. I am wanting to see how our family picture of the 4 of us turned out b/c the day we took the group pictures Montana had tonsillitis and Levi was running fever and had chills. So these pictures are SO much better than expected! THANK YOU Ericka!

Our Family with Levi's sister, Joycelyn & her husband Marcus

I LOVE this!

And this smile is her personality!! It truly represents her!

I just love the close-up!

The Whole Family in black & white


Amanda KP said...

gorgeous pics of an absolutely beautiful family...your girls look like little angels!!!

btw...stop by anytime; that is a precious way to compliment erik's hard glad your girls are learning early to focus their CHRISTmas on Jesus!!! :)

Amy said...

I added you back!! I seriously don't remember taking you off my list!! I thought I only deleted people that hadn't blogged for a really LONG time!! SORRY!:) Looking forward to seeing more of you around here!!:)

Coleen said...

I came to find your blog via the "Next Blog" button up top, and had to stop to say your family is beautiful and those photos are wonderful!