Thursday, November 12, 2009

Halloween, the Zoo & the Circus!

So much has happened that I don't even know where to start. My days and weeks are starting to run together and I'm starting to realize that May is just around the corner! Yikes! I am in the Christmas mood already and we plan to put up the tree and Christmas decorations this weekend, I just want to be able to enjoy it this year. And this year I am starting something new with our tree. I have always done a western tree because that is what we like, but this year to let the girls be involved we are going to make every ornament on the tree. I will still put my collectibles like my Breyer ornaments that are dated with the year, but other than that we as a family will make them. I'm even going to order a new tree skirt with snowmen on it to make it more for the girls. My only problem is I usually loop a rope around my tree and this year I want something different and I need a new topper because we have always used a hat. So, any suggestions? Can you tell that I'm excited? Well, YES I am!

I can finally say that I am starting to function again and feeling better. I cooked supper last night for the first time in a long time and it was SO good. Tonight we had smoked sausage stir-fry & a salad. It's nice knowing that I can cook & eat again! On a side note though- I can't eat hamburger meat in any way (HB, tacos, hb helper, etc). I was the same way when I was pregnant with Montana.

The girls have been extremely busy. Halloween was a busy week with a gymnastics party, preschool party, daycare party, 2 halloween carnivals & trick or treating. Montana was Tinkerbell & Autumn was Minnie Mouse. They had fun and I was more tired then they were! This past weekend they went to my Mom's Friday night b/c I had to work Saturday so my Mom took them to the Abilene Zoo on Saturday. They loved it; that's all they talked about- especially the alligator and the giraffe. The giraffe wrapped his tongue around Autumn's wrist trying to get the cracker from her and they are still talking about that! lol Sunday we went to the Shrine Circus in WF and Joycelyn went with us. It was fun but lasted 3 hours with an intermission. I thought that was extremely long for little kids. They both rode the little horses and then Montana rode an elephant with Daddy. That was the highlight of her day!! :)

This week we've all had some kind of bug except Autumn but all seem to be well now. I took Montana to the dr on Tuesday and we found out that she had tonsillitis, but 2 days of antibotics and she's SO much better! I'm looking forward to tomorrow b/c our family has made Friday "Family Movie Night" as long as we're home. We haven't done this in awhile b/c of me being sick, but tomorrow we'll have popcorn, a movie and get the tree out. There's nothing better than that!! The girls love it when we do a movie and popcorn!

I will leave you with some pictures from Halloween and the circus. My Mom took pictures at the zoo on her camera so mom please e-mail me a few of them!

At the Halloween Carnival

waiting on the music for the cake walk (we played 2x & Autumn won once)

She LOVES cotton candy!

Autumn playing games

At preschool- Montana & Olivia
They are in preschool & gymnastics together and they ended up with the same costume! :)

Miss Addison at Amber's baby shower on Halloween morning
She has grown so much & we loved playing with her!

Autumn, Montana, Skyler, Hutton, Heather & Harper @ MeeMaw & PePaw's
(Montana didn't want to take a pic & Autumn had to have me; therefore, I was trying to hide)

Miss Tinkerbell

Miss Minnie Mouse

This was after trick or treating- she stayed just like this for almost an hour! lol

Montana & Daddy on the elephant

Smiling away

Autumn before she started screaming! lol
My camera died at the circus so I didn't get a chance many pictures!


allie nelson said...

i must tell you....last week olivia wanted to draw montana a picture and she took it to gymnastics....but was sad when she wasn't there!

Jackie said...

We will be there this week. I took her to the dr on Tuesday & she had tonsillitis so I decided against gymnastics on Wednesday & to let her rest! Olivia is just so darn cute!!!