Thursday, September 25, 2008


Well, I just keep promising everyone that I will post a picture of Montana's haircut and here I am finally doing it. Last Wednesday both girls got their hair cut. This was Autumn's first haircut and we didn't cut a lot, just enough to keep it from looking shaggy. On the other hand, Montana's haircut was drastic and she LOVES it. She says, "It's so pretty Mommy."

I have been busy with my teacher certification classes, and actually I just finished an assignment tonight so I decided my blog was in desperate need of a NEW post!!

My Dad's birthday is today so HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!! We are having supper, cake and ice cream tomorrow night with Levi's sister and parents because Mike's (Levi's Dad) birthday is Saturday. Guess I need to get off of here and start baking a cake!! LOL

I hope everyone's week has went well, and I will fill you in more on the Woods' happenings later!

Kacy and Autumn (she lookes excited!)

Montana being a BIG girl!

Showing off her new haircut!

She thinks she is all that!

My sweet baby girl smiling for me!


Anonymous said...

Oh I love the girls haircuts. I know Montana is happy to get rid of her heavy hair & rubberbands. Had fun at lunch thanks for going.

Sheri said...

OMG I love it, she looks so cute. You made a good decision on getting it cut :) Hope ya having a good week...

Heather said...

The girls' haircuts look so cute! Montana looks so grown up.