Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Well we survived the trip to Lubbock and had a great time by ourselves!! We ended up buying Montana a metal swing set, so tonight we are putting it together for her!! I will post pictures later of her playing on it. At the allergy dr. Levi got put on allergy shots which should be here in 2-3 weeks and he will take one every week. I think this will really help him, especially in the long run!!

With our internet down at home I haven't posted any pictures lately. Here are a few until I can borrow the internet again!! (And the guy isn't supposed to be here until Sept. 9th to fix the internet- there is a chance before but we'll just have to see. I am going to go NUTS before then)

She looks so sweet in her cap!!

She likes to pull her cap off!

My sweet baby asleep in Daddy's arms!

This is my "Goof-ball" :)
She loves to take a bath in Autumn's tub!!!

A quick pic before church and Montana wanted NO part of it!!
(I look like I am CHEESING!)


Anonymous said...

How sweet. I don't think you look cheesy. So are they going to give you a price break since you can't use the internet???Come by my house anytime & use ours. I'd love to see the girls and show them "Boy" our calf. Are we eating lunch tomorrow?

Sheri said...

Glad ya'll had fun in Lubbock, you gotta have grown up time every once in awhile :) Can't wait to see ya'll in 3 weeks or so...I will be at Autumn's party but Todd won't that is right in the middle of wheat planting for him...