Thursday, July 24, 2008

Wonderful Thursday!!

Today was a great day!! Amy and I had lunch at El Sombero which was a treat. I usually just eat at work and don't go anywhere. Thank you Amy for going to lunch with me; and I had no idea we had so much catching up to do!

We were outside a lot of the night- Montana lives on the trampoline when it cools off later at night! I seem to never get anything accomplished in the house. As of this minute I have 1/2 of my bathroom clean; my goal is to have it ALL done before I go to bed. But seeing it is 11:30 who knows it that will really happen. :)

I leave you with some pictures of everyone!

Shirt- check
Diaper- check
Rain Boots- check
Now, we are STYLING!!!
And we even add the "hands on the head look"

She loves playing on the back porch!

Playing in the mud is SO much fun!!

Autumn and Grandad

I love this sweet face!!

Loving every minute of her trampoline!

Levi and my Dad doctoring our new calf "Wild Thing"

Sitting on a old tractor seat!

Grandad, Montana, and Campy- Montana LOVES to feed her EVERY night!!


Amy said...

I had a great time today, too. We really need to do it more often. Although we did alot of catching up, I don't really feel like we were finished!!:)

If Case finds out about that horse he's gonna want to come live with Levi!!

Anonymous said...

Oh such cute pictures of the girls. Keep it up your making memories with them.

Heather said...

Oh, how cute! That first picture of Montana in the rain boots just cracked me up! And Autumn's sweet smile just melts my heart...