Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Well, I am planning catch up on some photos, but this is a lot of fun!! I just have to make time late at night! :) Montana helped Levi outside tonight and Autumn and I enjoyed relaxing inside. We cooked a roast and veggies in the slow cooker last night and it was SO good, and I didn't have to cook anything! (that is a plus!) Tomorrow night is mine and Belinda's church meal night so come see what GOOD stuff we are going to have.

Jill Dugan gave Montana some Tigger and Pooh flash cards the other day and we have went through those 100 times tonight, but she is remembering what the harder ones are everytime we go through them. So thank you Jill!! I guess I need to look for some more stuff like that. Dang, she is growing up way too fast!! :(

Montana so faking a smile, but still cute!

Autumn playing on the swing set

She loves her Leap Frog radio! (and letters and numbers and the farm animals)

My girls swimming, and one of 'em loves to swim in the nude!! Cutting up squash last week, and Levi looks kind of dangerous in this pic, but no one was injured! LOL

Aunt Joshie and the girls! She came by for a bit tonight! And the baby doll's butt just added to this pic! LOL Joycelyn- you will always remember this picture when you see this butt flashing at you!

My girls!

I love this picture SO MUCH!! She is wanting in Montana's blue lawn chair.

...And she made it, and happy as a lark!

She loves to sit on that console and ride with her Daddy!


Amy said...

So sweet. Lunch tomorrow is good, as long as Jason doesn't have a meeting. If he does, we will have to reschedule or take the kids with us.

Love the pictures, especially the one of Autumn and the blue chair...such pretty eyes!

Anonymous said...

Your blog has come together. I love all the pictures.Thanks for signing on to be my meal partner.It is too hard to do it alone. See ya tonight.

Heather said...

Such cute pictures of the girls! And dinner at church last night was yummy ~ I forgot to tell you!

Sheri said...

Autumn is gettin so big, Todd looked at your blog last night and didn't even recognize her he asked me who it was. I miss ya'll. I've been cleaning all week getting ready for your mom to come. we are cooking out with them and my parents saturday night and shooting fireworks that a friend gave the kids I will definately blog about it when everyone is gone...lol...see ya in a week...woohoo