Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Lots going on!

Well, we survived everything that we had going on last weekend. Cheyenne's baby, Addison, was born on Saturday. We went to WF Sunday to see her and Montana was a "mother hen!" She is so precious! When we got to the Fantasy of Lights my camera battery died! I wasn't very happy. We were going to walk through it, but it went fom being 80 that afternoon to low 40's when we were at the Fantasy of Lights right after dark. By the time we got back to Quanah, it was only like 24. Crazy how the temperature can drop that quick!

Our Christmas party was a lot of fun! I was stressed that day about everything, but it turned out good just like it always does! This Sunday we are having a party at work so I will be taking pictures for that. I love this time of year because you just get to hang out with family and friends!! Other than that, I have just being trying to stay up with school work! (during this time it is so hard) I don't have much else to say except have a great week!!

Addison Faith
12/13/08 ~ 8.8 lbs.
Proud Parents~ Shawn & Cheyenne Patnode

She is so precious!

Levi and Addison

She always has her mouth open! :)

Nick & Julie

Mr. Dixon

Chinese Gift Exchange
And Montana got walkie talkies!!

This is where they stood most of the night

Dixon and Brice seeing what they got

Dixon & Autumn
I love this picture!!!!

Kyle & Belinda

Megan & Autumn

Brady & his helicopter

Scared to death!
And Montana wouldn't even attempt to get this close!!


Sheri said...

Looks like ya'll had so much fun. Sorry we couldn't be there but you know your brother even though my dad said we could go he wasn't leaving the farm in my brother in laws hands for a night :) hahaha. Guess we'll see you in a week and a half love ya....

Heather said...

That baby is precious! I love the picture of Levi holding her and looking at her. The party was so much fun on Sat. night!

momma ferg said...

I love all your pics!

SO I'm am trying this blogging thing......can I keep up with blogging and myspace?.....we'll see!

I wanted to add me as a "follower" but don't see on your page where I can........HELP!