Monday, October 20, 2008

Happy Fall Ya'll!

Amy requested for us to post our fall decorations!! Well, over a week later- here they are!

Our outside decorations
Front Door

I don't get to leave the jack-o-lantern there all the time b/c of Autumn's sticky little fingers!
But I put it in it's place for this pic! :)

Our Hutch (something I have that was my Nanaw's)

My pretty little candle "thing" on the table


Amy said...

Super cute!! Thanks for playing!

Heather said...

I love all the Halloween decorations!

Whitney said...

Thanks for leaving a comment! I think that's fun! Cute decorations!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jackie, How is the candy count tonight? Same me some candy corn.
Nice pretty little candle "thing.
Safe trip back from Amarillo, had a nice meal and thoght about you and Levi.
Like the Hutch, sure is pretty. I guess the girls had a great time. That is all. Later
Carl and Rosemary

Anonymous said...

Really tired. That is SAVE and THOUGHT.
Oh Well.