Saturday, March 13, 2010

Flat tire...

Not only did this week feel like a "flat tire" week (feeling drained completely), I really did have a flat about 3 miles outside of Childress on Wednesday night. I had picked Montana up from gymnastics and gotten the girls McDonalds to eat on the way home. I heard a funny "fizzing" noise and I couldn't figure it out, but then my car started going all over the road and I knew right then it was a tire. Being already dark, I called a SUPER great friend, Marci, to see if her husband, Jeff was home and he was so he came out to help me. As I was talking to her, a deputy pulled up behind me and it turned out to be Doty's Dad (Montana's friend from daycare), so he stayed until the tire was changed to help keep traffic off of us.

All in all, the girls were happy b/c they had food and were excellent for the 30-45 minutes we sat on the side of the road. When we arrived at home I started thinking that most of the time if something happened like that it would have made my day horrible, but it didn't. It made me grateful!! For the friends that I have to count on when I need help and for the deputy stopping just to see if he could help! I wasn't going to let the girls have McDonalds at first, now I'm so glad I did. All in all, God had our night planned to the "T" and I think part of it was for me to just be grateful for what I have and the friends I have encountered throughout my life!

I leave you with a picture that Montana made at Ms. Angie's preschool a couple of weeks ago. It absolutely MELTS my heart! When I asked he what the picture was she said that Sissy was her best friend b/c she swings with her, plays with her, and something else (I forgot). All I could do was smile at her & give her a big hug! She has 2 friends (1 @ daycare & 1@ preschool) that she always says are her best friends so it just caught me off guard I guess. Tonight we are having my niece's 13th b-day party!  Have a great weekend! :)


Rod said...

This drawing is really cute. :) As cute as your two little girls - they truly look adoreable. ;D

Jennifer said...

Awww, how cute! And isn't it great how God is always looking after us...even in the small things like a flat tire!

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