Thursday, July 2, 2009

Horses & More Horses!!

If you're still out there- I am alive!! :) We have had a wild, but FUN summer so far!! We had a family cookout for the Harris Family at our house this past weekend and my niece & nephew (Todd & Sheri's kids) are now staying with us for the week. They plan to pick them up at the Wellington Rodeo on Saturday night. And Caeyln proceeded to tell me today that she wanted to stay 2 weeks, and I told her that her Mom would miss her then! But, to tell you the truth, Levi and I were talking earlier tonight and we're going to miss them a lot! They are so much fun, and a house with 4 kiddos never has a dull moment!!! :)

Caelyn (my niece) stayed here so that she could practice barrels and poles for her next rodeo on July 11 & 12. My Dad is on vacation so he is riding with her in the mornings & then we all ride at night. David (my nephew) has been hanging out with Levi at the feed store which he loves!! Tonight was the first night that we took them to the arena to actually set up barrels & poles, and to top it off- David decided he wanted to ride (& he hasn't shown interest in it to me before now). So we had a BLAST tonight, and I was able to get some pictures and edited a couple with picnik.

Autumn fell on concrete steps at daycare on Monday and she got her 1st black eye. She is a trooper though & the purple is already starting to fade as of today. But I did manage to take a picture of it while she was sleeping last night. Lots more pictures of the cookout & swimming lessons are coming soon, but please bear with me as I enjoy the week having my niece & nephew here with us!!

I LOVE this!!
Our border collie (Kacy) just makes this picture complete!

Caelyn & Snoopy

Autumn's Black (or I should say-purple) Eye

David, Grandad & Autumn

My 2 horse fanatics!!

Attempting to trot after she begged & begged, but then was scared to death & just wanted to walk! If she only knew that parents do know what they're talking about when they tell her she isn't big enough!! :)

Caelyn posing for the camera

David loved every minute on Snoopy!

Walking the poles
*She listened to me tell Caelyn to lean her body while she was going through the poles, so as Daddy was leading her through she was leaning & turning her head sideways- it was so cute!! And to know that she was paying that much attention to us!! *

Blurry but still cute
I love it!!
David & Montana goofing off after baths tonight

Some of my pretty cupcakes that I made tonight!


Sheri said...

Looks like y'all are having a blast I really hope the kids are behaving (besides Caelyn's snotty attitude at feed store) and I really hope y'all saved my a cupcake!!! Can't wait to see ya tomorrow...

Whitney said...

Autumn's poor eye! Looks like you've been really busy!

Heather said...

Fun times! I hope Autumn's eye is better. So glad you're having a great summer!