Friday, July 31, 2009

Lots going on!!

If I still have anyone reading this, I am still here. I guess I just took a little blog break. Just like everyone else, I can't believe that summer is coming to an end so quickly! We have been busy with our nieces and nephew and our extended families!

Tomorrow we are headed to a bridal shower for a friend in Crowell. I used to work with her at the Steakhouse while I was in college. Oh how I miss the good ole days!! Then on Sunday we are off to Castaway Cove in WF with my SIL and her husband. The girls are looking forward to it!!

Levi and I have been on vacation this week and we have enjoyed every minute of it! I am not looking forward to heading back to work on Monday, plus it's the 1st of the month so it'll be a crazy day!! I got to go shopping with a good friend, Marci, on Monday in Lubbock. I throughly enjoyed it and look forward to the next time!! And to top my vacation off- my memory card in my camera isn't working. I need a camera experts help please!! My old card says, This memory card is protected. So I bought a new one and it says, Memory card error! It has been so frustrating not being able to take pics of the girls whenever I want! grrrrrrrrrr.... Help me if you can!!!!

I will leave you with some pictures from a few weekends ago. We went to my niece's (Caelyn) rodeo and then we took my niece, BreeAnn to the waterpark. We all enjoyed it! Have a great weekend!!!! :)

Montana & Caelyn

Sheri & Caelyn

Uncle Todd & Autumn
(they are 2 of a kind- lol)

Me & BreeAnn

Me & Levi
(he looks excited, huh? He'll love me for posting this!)

my SIL, Sheri

Miss Priss


grrrrr... (Caelyn) lol

Montana & Daddy


Belinda said...

So cute, hey you got yourself a blogfrog too.Since I won't see you tomorrow Happy Birthday........

Whitney said...

You've been busy, but in a FUN way! :)

Heather said...

Cute pictures and fun times! Glad you are enjoying your summer! I'm so glad I got to see you on your birthday yesterday! Hope yall had fun at the water park.