Friday, February 26, 2010

Lots of projects

What a week it's been!  I still don't have the girl's toys organized in their room!  It's partly done, just not 100%.  They have been doing good sleeping in their own beds, but at least one of them (sometimes both) wake up during the night.  My "fat body" hates having to crawl out of the bed and function! lol  I know it's worth it though and that eventually they'll go back to sleeping all night again!  I know it has to be very different for them right now.  I now have to figure out what I'm going to hang on their walls.  I have a few things, but for sure they will be getting a couple of pink & brown crosses that I'll get Joycelyn to make for them.

This weekend we are buying paint for our bathroom and that project will get underway this weekend or next week.  We have the flooring already, I just need paint.  After this, ALL of the "major" projects I want done before the end of April will be done!!  Thank goodness!!  I know we'll find plenty of stuff to do outside, but the girl's room and our bathroom were the two things I wanted done this year.  Next year, I hope to lay laminate flooring in our kitchen, dining room & guest bath along with painting! *I'll be keeping my fingers crossed*

Levi is finishing up a couple of hog traps this weekend and tomorrow we're headed back to Childress to help Marci for the day!  I need to get lots of laundry and cleaning done too!!  I leave you with a picture of the girls I took in April '09 and I sent it to Ericka for her to edit and enhance it in photoshop.  I loved this picture before, and I love it even more now!  It's almost a year old and still my FAV!!  Thanks Ericka!!


Ericka Moore Photography said...

Aww, you're welcome. Your girls are so cute! I can't wait to meet the new baby!! I wanna take some newborn pics, okay??? Please?? : )

Whitney said...

You are a busy girl! Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy! :)

West Texas Wife said...

I totally feel for your pain.. I was pregnant when we were building on and remodeling ours. I love the picture of the girls they are so beautiful.

Rachel said...

Hi, come over from West Texas Wife... what a cute blog you have, and your girls are beautiful!!
Your welcome to come by my blog sometime! ;)

Jennifer said...

Cute picture!

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