Saturday, May 16, 2009

Horses & Parade

We have been very busy this week with a lot of extra stuff like riding horses, going to a parade, and seeing Hannah Montana at the theater. On Tuesday night, we saddled our 2 older horses and went for a ride which was ended shortly after b/c of the clouds rolling in. Montana loves to ride Snoopy (my horse), but I think the saddle hurts her when she is on with me. Needless to say, we need a saddle for her and another horse, but that's just more $$ so we're trying to make due. Autumn LOVES riding with Levi or me, and screams when she has to get off. She is definately my animal lover. She is so good with our dogs, and they let her do anything to them!

Wednesday was the Santa Rosa Parade in Vernon. We just watched while Levi rode b/c that is the longest parade and I was worried about the girls getting too tired & HOT before the end of it. Levi is the Riding Club President so he really wanted us to ride, but just didn't happen this time. On Thursday we got to see Hannah Montana at the Ritz in Wellington. I think Levi and I liked it more than Montana. I think she is still a bit too young for a movie, but she still did so good and enjoyed singing to the songs! And thanks to my Aunt Sue who watched Autumn while we were at the movie.

Well, this morning I have already been to United to get some things before Levi left for work (I didn't want to have to drag the girls), and have done a couple loads of laundry. I sure wish I could sleep on Saturdays every now and then, yet this is when I get a ton done- that is before 8:30am!

Have a great weekend & enjoy the pictures!!

My sweet girls


She messes with the barbwire fence all the time, but has yet to cut herself!

Too big!

Riding Snoopy

Autumn's face is pricelss!!! :)

Waiting for Daddy to come by @ the parade

Levi carrying the flag
*The Riding Club Queen behind him is Summer & Montana LOVES her!*

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