Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Titus 2 Tuesday

Since I skipped last week's Titus 2 Tuesday, I will play catch up today. In today's day and time everyone is extremely busy and that makes it even harder to stay in touch with friends. These 5 ladies have became my friends throughout the years, we've all went separate ways, but I still manage to stay in touch with them somehow. Some I've been friends with since junior high, high school or even within the last year. No matter the length of time, I treasure each one of them and am proud to call them my friend!!

In no particular order:

SHERI, is my sister-n-law, and I have known her for just a little over a year now. From the minute my brother introduced us I knew we could be friends. My girls have grown to love her so much (I think more than Todd-LOL), and we have grown to love her kids- David & Caelyn. I think she is the perfect match for Todd and that they will happy together. We live 2 1/2 hrs apart, but we still talk on the computer and by phone. I would love to see her more, but I know I can call her anytime and she would be here!! Thank you Sheri for not only being my sister-n-law, but also my friend! Luv ya girl!

CHEYENNE, is a friend I graduated with. She moved to Crowell our sophomore year and we became friends from the start! We have so many stories! While in college, I stayed with her a lot in WF when I had tests. She was my maid of honor 7 yrs ago (next month) and she is still one of my dearest friends. I have been there when her Mom died of cancer, when her Dad died of a heart-attack, when she got married, and just 4 months ago when she became a Mom to the most precious little girl- Addison. My girls LOVE their cousin!!! I haven't met a stronger, more courageous person!! Cheyenne, you are my inspiration and I would do anything for you! Thank you for being you and for being my friend!!!

LACEY, has been my friend since I moved to Crowell in 8th grade. We became friends b/c our Mom's worked together, and evern though she is 3 yrs younger we have stayed friends. As of today, I think we are better friends then ever before b/c we are in the same stage of life now! In January, she got married and Montana and I got to be part of the wedding! She was also in my wedding (when she was only a sophomore)!! LOL I don't get to see her as much now days as I would like, but we always talk on the computer and phone. One day she will have kids and I will get to be there for that- I'm very thankful! Thank you Lacey for being part of my life, even though we weren't always in the same stage of life! And thanks for being my friend!

BELINDA, has became my friend over the past year. I have known her and her family since we started attending church at North Groesbeck, but within the past year have became better friends. She had a miscarriage during the time I was pregnant with Autumn. At this time we were just church friends. Sometimes I feel that she may be sad when she looks at Autumn and thinks about her "Emma" but maybe that is why God made my girls love Belinda so much b/c let me tell you- Montana lives to see Belinda!!! We really started hanging out when I started going to the gym and she is my inspiration to keep going!!! Levi loves to pick on her 2 boys, and Matthew picks back at him. Therefore, I feel our families have came together and I am so thankful that God brought Belinda into my life!!! Thank you for being my friend and for loving my girls because they LOVE you!

LACY, I have known her since I moved to Crowell in the 8th grade. We were in horse club together and had the same interests. Throughout high school, we hung out a lot (especially at my house- she didn't ever want to go to her house LOL), and I witnessed her getting married and having 4 babies in 3 years (YES you heard me right)!!! Her husband Ty was in a major horse accident that put him in the hospital in Lubbock for a long time, and then after he came home his appendix ruptured and had been that way for 11 days so they were back in Lubbock. During this time her house caught fire through the electrical outlets and burnt the TV's up and ruint all their meat in the freezer. Despite this hardship all in 1 YEAR, she has stood strong and taken care of her family! Not once have I heard her complain- she just does it! Lacy, I admire you and envy you- I wish I was more like you!! Thank you for being my friend all these years!!!

I have so many other woman that have impacted me, but it will have to wait until next weeks edition!


Belinda said...

Thanks for the good cry.I really don't look at Autumn and see Emma.It has been a good healing for me. I know God has blessed me in that because then it may have been hard for me to be around her.God has blessed me with our friendship and I just have a heart for your girls because I don't have girls I have to get my fix of girls somehow. You are sweet to post about me and I love you dearly.....

Cheyenne said...

Thank you so much for that! I needed to read something like that today! I am truly blessed to have you (and Levi) in my life. Ya'll have been like "my parents" in many situations and I can never express how much you mean to me. I really do appreciate all that you have done for me. We have been through many times together.. good, bad, sad, and exciting! I can't wait for Addison to get up and running so she can play with her cousins. I couldn't think of a better person to shrae it all with! Thank you for being such an awesome friend! I love ya girl!