Thursday, May 28, 2009

Senior Party, Bikes & Swimming

A lot has been happening at the Woods house lately! And the reason I actually am getting to blog is because I'm home from work with a sick kid. Autumn got sick on me this morning so we stayed home and she is sleeping now while Montana and I are goofing off (& blogging)!

We had a Senior Party for Michele @ our house about a week and a half ago. We had a lot of fun and so did the girls! Montana became attached to a girl she's never really seen before. Thank you Candace for being so sweet to Montana! We are trying to teach Montana to ride her bike, so that Autumn can have the tricyle. This past weekend I finally set up the pool that Joycelyn bought Montana for her birthday, and they had so much fun! We attended a friends wedding and reception on Saturday and the one picture I took of Montana and a little boy named Brady- my flash didn't go off! Bummer!

My suburban has been in the shop all week trying to figure out what is wrong with it. As of right now, they think it is an electronic module. I don't know car talk, but I'm sure it's gonna get expensive! We are planning to go to the State Track Meet in Austin next weekend to watch Tara (Levi's cousin) throw the discus. She got 1st at regionals and has a good chance at state. It will be a quick trip though, we will leave on Friday and come back Saturday. Then our summer really gets busy- swimming birthday party, swimming lessons for 2 weeks, and a family cookout. June makes me tired when I look at the calendar and see all the writing on it! LOL

Until next time, have a great weekend!!!

Quanah Seniors 09
We had 17 total show up, but many had left before we took this

Shay & Michele
They egged each other- so gross!

Anthony & Carley- Egg Toss Winners
They tossed this egg over 50 ft. with it not breaking- it was Awesome!

Egg Relay

Duck Duck Goose

Candace letting Montana play the games with them

Mark, Set, Go

Candace was so sweet to slow down for Montana

Riding her bike

On the tricycle

Swimming Fun

Little Cheeser!

posing on the bottom of the slide


Montana & Daddy
She decided to be goofy last night with the camera

Montana & Mommy


West Texas Wife said...

Thanks for the sweet comments.... Montana is such a ham infront of the camera... But they are all precious pictures. I will let you know when Tripp gets here. Pray that he arrives by the 10th so I don't have to go to far over his due date! I am sure I will be calling you for advice about what to do!!!! Thanks for being so great to me!

Lacey said...

YAY!! She can finally ride the bike we got her!! Can't wait to see you all!! Love ya