Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Barbie Jeep

Holy Cow- I only posted 1x in August. I'm way behind & I'm sorry! We have been wanting to get the girls a Barbie Jeep or an Escalade, but let me say I wasn't paying $300-$350 for one either. I think that is outrageous, so I told Levi to start looking for one. He is addicted to Craigs list, but I'm not complaining because he found this Jeep on there 2 days ago. The battery and charger are good and the radio works- Excellent! And by the looks of this picture the lady e-mailed me, it almost looks brand new and for ONLY $100.

We usually buy something big for each of the girls birthday that they can both use, and we get grandparents to pitch in. Therefore, the girls have gotten a trampoline and a flat screen TV and DVD player by doing this. Since Autumn's birthday is next month, my Mom and my Dad are contributing to pay for this Barbie Jeep for the girls. The best part about them being so close in age is that you can get stuff for them to share where they can get bigger stuff! :)

So, we are headed to Iowa Park in just a few minutes to pick the Jeep up, and on into WF to get a few things I need for a baby shower me and a friend are planning. It'll be a long night, but so worth it! I'll post pictures later with the girls riding it- I'm sure they'll be all smiles!!! :)


Heather said...

The Jeep looks cute! The girls will have such fun times in it, and I can't wait to see a picture with them riding in it.

Whitney said...

What a great deal!