Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Biggest Looser Update

For those of you who don't know... At work, we have had a biggest looser contest between employees going on since June 15th. At the end of the 90 days, my boss said he would give the winner $240 cash money. 3 employees started the challenge, but 1 employee no longer works with us so it is between me and 1 other employee. And he and I have been head to head almost the entire 3 months. So next Tuesday is the FINAL weigh day to determine the winner. As of today, I have lost 13.6 lbs (7%) and my competition has lost 17 lbs (6% of his weight he started at). Therefore, this last week is very crucial!!!!!!! I know I can do this... it is just so hard!!!!!!

And as Belinda said when she was loosing weight, some people are so negative! She has told me that people still make the comment to this day that she is too skinny. Well she hasn't lost any weight in 3 months, she's just maintaining her weight and I think she looks AWESOME!! So every time I feel discouraged about how people react to me trying to loose weight I think of Belinda. And no I'll never be as small as she is b/c I am just built bigger, but she is my inspiration!! And just for the record... I am still human so I do splurge every now and then, but I have made the choice to loose weight and for our family to eat better! The girls already eat better and Montana LOVES to do sit-ups, push-ups and exercise with me! But they will always LOVE cookies!! :)

I hope everyone had an excellent Labor Day Holiday! I gave the girls mini manicures and pedicures yesterday and Montana said that her massage felt good! Pictures to follow...

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Belinda said...

Good for you....I know you can do this. And as far as the people who say anything negative, they are just jealous, sad to say but they are. Why else would you say anything negative about someone getting healthy? Good luck. I know you can win this not just for the cash but for your new healthier lifestyle not diet...no diet can do it for you. It will only make you binge later....It's all about attitude and lifestyle changes....sad to say it is a lifetime commitment, some are just not up for the task, but should not knock us who are.Love you girl, and kiss those sweet girls for me.